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British History A-Level History Resources

Click the topics below to access history teaching worksheets aligned with each area of A Level history. These can be used by teachers, homeschoolers and self-learners. They are suitable for students aged between 16-18 and include revision material and assessments (with answers).

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The Viking Age c.790–1066

Viking society, administration and livelihood

Warfare and raids

Settlements and the Danelaw

Culture and religion

The Early Anglo-Saxons c.400–800

The development of Kingship and kingdoms in Britain and Ireland

Religion and the Christian Church in Britain and Ireland

Economic and social life in Britain and Ireland

Cultural change in Britain and Ireland

House of Lancaster, 1399-1471

Henry IV, 1399-1413

Henry V, 1413-1422

Henry VI, 1422-1461 and 1470-71

House of York, 1461- 1485

Edward IV, 1461- 1470 and 1471-1483

Richard III, 1483-85

The Church of England, 1529-1570

The Break from Rome, c.1529-1547

Establishment of the Chruch of England, 1547-1570

Stuart Britain, 1603-1714

James I, 1603-1625

Charles I, 1625-1649

Charles II and the Interregnum, 1660-1685

James II and the Glorious Revolution, 1685-1688

William III, 1689-1702 and Mary II, 1689-1694

Anne, 1702-1714

British Empire A-Level Mock Exams

Victorian and Edwardian Britain, c1851–1914

Reform and challenge, c1851–c1886

Challenges to the status quo, c1886–1914

Parliamentary Reforms and its impact & Britain at War, 1790-1918

Parliamentary Reform in Britain, 1780-1928

British warfare, 1790-1918

Poverty in Britain

Poverty, vagrancy and the poor in Wales and England, c.1485-1603

Poverty in Britain 1780-1939

Industrialisation in Britain, c1783-1888

Causes of the Industrial Revolution

Pressure for change, c.1783-1812

Government and a changing society, 1812-1832

The Age of Reform, 1883-1885

Economy, society and politics, 1846-1888

British Government in the Age of Revolution and Revolution, 1783-1853

William Pitt the Younger, 1783-1801 and 1804-06

Lord Liverpool and the Tories, 1812-1830

Peel and the Conservative party, 1832-1846

Liberals, Conservatives and the Rise of Labour, 1846-1902

Whig to Liberals

Gladstonian Liberalism

Disraelian Conservatism

Gladstone and Salisbury until 1902

Liberal crisis and reforms, 1900-1918

Liberal Reforms, 1900-1918

Britain Transformed 1918–97

A changing political and economic environment, 1918–79

Creating a welfare state, 1918–79

Society in transition, 1918–79

The changing quality of life, 1918–79

Britain, 1918-1951

British Politics, 1918-1929

British domestic politics, 1929-1939

British domestic politics, 1940-1951

Making of Modern Britain, 1930-2007

Churchill 1930-1951

Conservative Governments of Churchill, Eden, Macmillan and Home 1951-1964

Wilson and the Labour Governments, 1964-1970

Heath and Callaghan, 1970-1979

Thatcherism, 1979-1990

John Major, 1990-97

The Era of New Labour, 1997-2007

Wales: Resistance, conquest and rebellion, c. 1240-1415

Society, culture and the economy c.1240-1415

British domestic politics, 1929-1939

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School History resources have been essential for my tailoring of IGCSE teaching.

Their resources offer teachers a variety of methods to interest students, allow access to relevant information and to teach analytical skills.

With our move to online learning, I found that many more remote-friendly resources (PowerPoint, worksheets and more) were needed on a daily basis.

SJC Shaheena

Shaheena Karbanee
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Over the last three years, I have taught both IGCSE and A level history, and School History has been my go-to site for material.

It has a wealth of information, excellently organised by examination syndicate, to help students understand and teachers prepare.

From PPT presentations to handouts and assessments, the material is invaluable to any history teacher.


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