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Henry VIII

King Henry VIII


King Henry VIII site

  Excellent extremely detailed site about Henry VIII's reign with thorough use of primary source material.

The six wives of Henry VIII

  Sumptuous online material prepared by David Starkey for recent Channel 4 programmes.  Superb.

Thomas Wolsey [this site]

  Links to useful internet sites relating to Henry VIII and Thomas Wolsey.

Anne Boleyn [this site]

  Links to useful internet sites relating to Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

Thomas Cromwell [this site]

  Links to useful internet sites relating to Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell and his role in the Reformation.

Henry VIII - life, works and additional information

  Very useful summative pages with links to further resources - miss out 'Life of Henry VIII' though.

Field of the Cloth of Gold

  A-Level pages from the Whitby High School offering information and additional links

Henry VIII - the reformation era

  Excellent pages from offering useful links, activities and games.  Don't miss the interview.

Reformation and Reform

  From BBC History, extensive eight page article about the Henrician Reformation.

Destruction and renewal

  From the History Channel, useful collection of pages offering discussion about Henry VIII.

The Tudors

  Surprisingly high quality and balanced information on the Tudors from the Queen's official website.

Spartacus summary

  Reliably detailed and useful summary from the Spartacus website - helpful links to related material.


  From, a standard biography of Henry VIII's reign.

Potentially interesting

  Not the clearest presentation ever, but this page provides more entertaining links relating to Henry VIII.

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