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Rise of the Labour Party

  Detailed summary, accompanied by images and primary source material, about the origins of the party.

History of the Labour Party

  From the Labour Party website, a history of the Labour party 'written' by Tony Blair himself.  Good overview.

Rise of the Labour Party

  Very useful article and associated materials prepared for A-Level students by the HistoryChannel.

How the British Labour Party was formed

  In-depth written article from 'youth for international socialism'.  Good information, at times a little muddled.

British Labour Party 1900 - 2000

  Detailed yet accessible information about this history of the Labour party for 'students of socialism'.

Keir Hardie’s life story

  Interesting summary of Hardie's life from BBC History, explaining the roots of the Labour party

The Story of The Labour Party

  Written during the 2002 election, these pages from offers detailed information with further links.

Outline of major events.

  From British Politics pages, a brief outline of major events relating to Labour from 1900 to 1995.

Quotations (royalty and aristocracy)

  Amusing and insightful quotations from the founding father of the Labour party.  Good discussion material.

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