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Lord Liverpool


Online lesson

  Online lesson based on this site, covering key questions relating to Lord Liverpool:


How was Liverpool able to survive the radical challenges of 1815-1822?


How did the government respond to domestic issues 1815-1822?


To what extent was 1822 a turning point in British politics?


How liberal were Liverpool's governments?


Did Liverpool deserve his descriptions of mediocrity?

Lord Liverpool's ministry

  First class coverage of Lord Liverpool's ministry with hyperlinks to detailed information.  Not to be missed.

Liberal Toryism

  Extremely useful link from the above page - also look at the related model essay on the subject.

Lord Liverpool and the alternatives to 'repression' in Regency England

  Very useful History Channel article (from History Review) together with timeline and further information.

Repression under Liverpool

  Another section of the above History Channel pages - provides examples of unrest together with reaction.

Robert Banks Jenkinson, Lord Liverpool

  Detailed profile and information from the splendid  Links to related people and facts.

Overview of [Victorian] Political History

  Chronologically a little early, but this offers a gateway to suitably detailed information about the era.

Lord Liverpool

  From the excellent Spartacus Educational a summary page with additional links to relevant sections.

Short summary

  From the Number 10 website, a disappointingly short official Prime Ministerial biography of the man.

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