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Otto von Bismarck and the Unification of Germany

  Impressive student designed site covering many aspects of Bismarck's career.  Very useful indeed.

Top quality resources, activities and links

  Excellent page from offering downloadable resources, guidance and a game.

HistoryChannel materials

  Extensive article backed up with additional explanations and not overly impressive, yet useful diagrams.

Germany 1870-90: Bismarck's Germany

  Background to National Socialism course, this provides a really helpful summary Germany under Bismarck.

Germans, Germany and Unification before Bismarck

  Is Bismarck given too much credit for German unification?  This article suggests perhaps so.

German unification sources.

  Proclamations and quotations from important individuals at the time.  Not extensive.

The Iron Chancellor

  Useful summary of the Iron Chancellor's military and diplomatic achievements - two page of information.

Extracts from his memoirs

  One page with extracts from Bismarck's memoirs showing his concerns about victory over Austria.

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