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Adolf Hitler


The Rise of Adolf Hitler

  Immense biography of Hitler - split into twenty four different chapters from 1889 to 1933.  Quality material.

Time Magazine 100 feature

  Very readable detailed article about Hitler's appeal and power.  One of Time's Leaders & Revolutionaries.


  Article from the History Channel providing a summary, 'Timecheck' and question guidance for A-level students.

Rise of National Socialism in Germany

  Brief timeline covering 1919-1933. Each event can be selected for further information.

The Rise of Adolf Hitler

  Article from BBC History shows the rise from aimless drifter to most destructive politician of the 20th century.

Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany

  Extensive information pages from the HistoryLearningSite.  Illustrates his rise to power.

Biography of Hitler

  Detailed information about Hitler up until 1936.  Good broad coverage of the major events and incidents.

Adolf Hitler Source Book and Psychological Profile

  Very interesting reading - analysis and interpretation of Hitler's words and actions - together with sources.

Activities from

  Designed for KS4 use, many of these activities will be useful - try interviewing Adolf Hitler.

Life in Nazi Germany [this site]

  Additional links on this site that provide information about life in Nazi Germany.

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