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Nazi Germany


Totalitarianism in Europe (1919 - 1939)

  Some extremely useful notes to help understand ideological changes - focus on Nazi Germany.

Nazi Germany

  Collection of splendidly detailed biographies from Spartacus - ideal for research on specific questions.

Life in Hitler's Germany 1933-45

  The beginnings of a supreme set of online materials - many links are hugely detailed, yet some non-existent.

Nazi Germany

  From the History Learning site, a collection of detailed notes about aspects of life in Nazi Germany.

The Nazi state

  Excellent page from offering downloadable resources with some online activities.

Museum of Tolerance online

  Beautifully presented and comprehensive materials offering basic information on the holocaust.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

  Online information, articles and exhibitions providing accessible materials on a wide range of related topics.

The Holocaust (

  Site offering more detailed information on the worst aspects of the appalling Nazi regime.  Explore the site.

Nazi propaganda archive 1933-45

  Large amounts of primary source material relating to the time of Nazi control of Germany.  Immense range.

Who voted for the Nazis?

  Article and related materials presented for A-Level students by the History Channel - good for this topic.

Weimar and Nazi Germany from

  Page prepared for GCSE students on Nazi Germany.  Good outline detail to begin further research.

Adolf Hitler [this site]

  Links prepared for AS / A2 students studying Adolf Hitler - sites offering details specifically about Hitler.

Life in Nazi Germany [this site]

  Link to KS3 materials about Hitler, including extensive downloadable worksheets on Life in Nazi Germany.

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