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Russian Revolution


Spartacus Encyclopaedia of the Russian Revolution

  Wonderful collection of biographies accompanied by descriptions of the major events.  Essential.

Russia 1860-1945

  Wider collection from Spartacus about Russia from 1860 - useful to put the events in perspective.

Sparknotes on the Russian Revolution

  A really accessible guide to the Russian Revolution, with information on all aspects (from 1855 to 1921).

The Russian Revolution

  Extensive collection of annotated internet links relating to the Russian Revolution.

The Russian Revolution of 1917

  Detailed information offering background and in-depth coverage of the events during 1917. Text-heavy.

Alexander Palace

  A 'time machine' offering 'every day life in a Romanov palace'.  In-depth information about the Tsar's lifestyle.

Tsar Nicholas II

  From the above site, a readable, balanced biography of Tsar Nicholas II.  Many more links to useful material.

Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich

  Extended biography of Lenin from - covering all aspects of his life with further links.


  The Lenin Internet archive - conveniently run by  Good primary source material.

Russia in Revolution

  BBC GCSE history site, but coverage of the key questions makes it essential reading.

Source materials

  From the Internet Modern History Sourcebook, listing of available primary sources linked to the Revolution.

1905 Revolution

  Article on the causes of the 1905 Russian Revolution from the History Channel - useful but nothing further.

Civil War

  Detailed two pages of information about the Russian Civil war.  Good overall summary.

Russian Revolution Resources

  Select list of e-texts, links and resources about the Russian Revolution.  Good quality materials.

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