Jack the Ripper Suspects


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In 1992, Michael Barrett, a scrap metal dealer from Liverpool, found a diary reputedly written by a cotton broker named James Maybrick who died in 1889. Maybrick was a frequent traveller to London. In this diary, Maybrick confesses to being Jack the Ripper. For over 100 years, scholars wondered why the Ripper murders had begun suddenly in August of 1888 with the murder of Polly Nichols and then stopped just as abruptly in November of that same year with the murder of Mary Kelly. The diary, if it was real, provided the answer. Maybrick’s death in 1889 would explain why the murders ended when they did. While Maybrick was never a suspect during his life, his alleged diary focused an enormous amount of scrutiny on him after 1992. Many experts analyzed both the diary and the life of James Maybrick. It is thought highly unlikely that he was Jack the Ripper.

But who were the other suspects?

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