Key Events in the English Civil War


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The Battle of Edgehill – 23rd October 1642

• First major battle of the Civil War.
• Prince Rupert started the battle by charging at the
• The Roundhead Cavalry panicked and retreated
through the infantry behind them. Four infantry
regiments then broke and ran.
• Soldiers on both sides fought each other for a long
• Neither side won – but both said they had not lost.
• Prince Rupert became a Cavalier hero at the Battle
of Edgehill.

The Battle of Marston Moor – July 2nd 1644

• The Cavaliers were badly beaten at the Battle of Marston Moor.
• The Roundhead’s had a new ‘Ironside’ cavalry that was as good as Parliaments.
• Even Prince Rupert had to hide from the
Roundhead army during the battle.
• The city of York had to give in to
• The Roundheads now controlled the North
of England
• The two armies were now evenly

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