Oliver Cromwell: England Without a King


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Running the country:
Oliver Cromwell had been an MP before the civil war and during the war he had been the leading general on Parliament’s side. No one knew how to run the country now the king was dead, there were arguments between MPs, and between MPs and the army. Both parliament and the MPs knew a strong leader was needed to hold the country together
and Oliver Cromwell was made ruler for life, but was given the title Protector instead of King.

Living in England
Many of the supporters of Parliament were very strong Protestants (called Puritans). They passed strict laws to make sure people lived very plain lives.

The rules said that people could not sing or dance on a Sunday, the only thing people were meant to do was go to church. The puritans also closed down some theatres and public houses and in some places they even banned Christmas! However not all their rules were followed.

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