Edexcel GCSE History: Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, c1060–88

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B1 Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, c1060–88

In this module, students will cover the following topics in line with the Edexcel specifications booklet. Detailed information for the module can be found on page 18-19.

Topics include:

Key topic 1: Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest, 1060–66

  • Anglo-Saxon society
  • The last years of Edward the Confessor and the succession crisis
  • The rival claimants for the throne
  • The Norman invasion

Key topic 2: William I in power: securing the kingdom, 1066–87

  • Establishing control
  • The causes and outcomes of Anglo-Saxon resistance, 1068-71
  • The legacy of resistance to 1087
  • Revolt of the Earls, 1075

Key topic 3: Norman England, 1066–88

  • The feudal system and the Church
  • Norman government
  • The Norman aristocracy
  • William I and his sons

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