Edexcel GCSE History: Mao’s China, 1945–76

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32 Mao’s China, 1945–76

In this module, students will cover the following topics in line with the Edexcel specifications booklet. Detailed information for the module can be found on page 42-43.

Topics include:

Key topic 1: Establishing communist rule, 1945–59

  • The Civil War, 1945–49
  • Communist rule
  • Consolidating the CCP’s hold on power, 1951-52
  • The Hundred Flowers campaign, 1956-57

Key topic 2: Economic policy, 1949–65

  • Early changes in agriculture, 1949-57
  • The communes
  • Industry and the Five-Year Plan, 1953-57
  • Economic reform and the Great Leap Forward

Key topic 3: The Cultural Revolution and its aftermath, 1966–76

  • Reasons for the Cultural Revolution
  • The Red Gueards and the Red Terror
  • The effects of the Cultural Revolution
  • Winding down the Cultural Revolution, 1968-76

Key topic 4: Life in Mao’s China, 1949–76

  • Communist control
  • Family life and the role of women
  • Education and health
  • Cultural change

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