Edexcel GCSE History: Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918–39

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PAPER 3: OPTION 31: Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918–39

In this module, students will cover the following topics in line with the Edexcel specifications booklet. Detailed information for the module can be found on page 40-41.

Topics include:

Part 1: The Weimar Republic 1918–29

  • The origins of the Republic, 1918–19
  • The early challenges to the Weimar Republic, 1919–23
  • The recovery of the Republic, 1924–29
  • Changes in society, 1924–29

Part 2: Hitler’s rise to power, 1919–33

  • Early development of the Nazi Party, 1920–22
  • The Munich Putsch and the lean years, 1923–29
  • The growth in support for the Nazis, 1929–32
  • How Hitler became Chancellor, 1932–33

Part 3: Nazi control and dictatorship, 1933–39

  • The creation of a dictatorship, 1933–34
  • The Police State
  • Controlling and influencing attitudes
  • Opposition, resistance and conformity

Part 4: Life in Nazi Germany, 1933–39

  • Nazi policies towards women
  • Nazi policies towards the young
  • Employment and living standards
  • The persecution of minorities.

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