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Paper 2: Investigation Studies, Russia and the Soiviet Union, 1905-24

What students need to learn:

Tsarist rule in Russia, 1905–14

Tsarist rule in Russia in 1905 and the reasons for discontent. The Potemkin Mutiny and the setting up of Soviets. The 1905 Revolution, including the October Manifesto and reasons why Nicholas survived. The attitude of Nicholas to the first four dumas. The growth of opposition groups. Stolypin’s policy of repression and land reform. The Lena Goldfield strike.

Opposition to Tsarist rule 1914–17: the impact of war and the February Revolution

Economic, social and political effects of the First World War on Russia. Influence of Rasputin. Immediate causes of the February Revolution, especially events in Petrograd. The army mutiny. Abdication of Tsar. Setting up of Provisional Government.

Provisional Government and the Bolshevik Revolution

Weaknesses and mistakes of the Provisional Government. The impact of the Petrograd Soviet. The activities of Lenin and the Bolsheviks, including the April Theses and July Days. Nature and impact of the Kornilov Revolt. Key events of the Bolshevik takeover. Reasons for success of Bolsheviks, especially the roles of Lenin and Trotsky.

The Bolshevik consolidation of power and the Civil War

Bolshevik consolidation of power, including the significance of the 1917 Decrees, the closure of the Constituent Assembly and the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. The two sides in the Civil War. Key events and reasons for Bolshevik victory. 5 War Communism and the New Economic Policy (NEP) Reasons for, nature and effects of War Communism. The Kronstadt Naval Mutiny. Reasons for, nature and effects of the New Economic Policy. Opposition to NEP. Achievements of Lenin to 1924.

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