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#16 Shamrock


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Posted 04 June 2003 - 11:17 PM

PowerPoint needs to simply be seen as another weapon your armoury as a teacher. It is an extrememly powerful weapon, but at the end of the day it is a weapon (or tool!)

You all make it sound easy and fascinating.
I've found the little I've done to be most effective, although I've linked it through the colleges Intra-active website for use with the Interactive Whiteboard. It's easier that way.
I would now lick to add photographs and newsreel clip for use next year. I'm still not really sure what I should be doing.
I've found the case studies really helpful. I'm also attending a e-learning conference on Friday and hope to pick up ideas there.

The frightening think is that they intend to use one of my PPP :woo:

#17 Carole Faithorn

Carole Faithorn


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Posted 04 June 2003 - 11:31 PM

I use a Pen Drive-type device too and was on the point of recommending one to you. Mine is a 64MB one (and you can also get 128MB and 256) which I bought back in February from www.komplett.com. It was a 'special offer' I when I bought it though (for little more than the one Stephen recommends.)

It's obviously worth hunting around for bargains. Try searching for 'usb storage device'. I think Pen Drive is a brand name?

[Edited to say .... see here for a bargain! or the same site has different sizes and makes on this page. great prices - but I have never used the site]

I know Lidls (cheapo supermarket like Aldis/WalMart etc) - don't know if they are in your part of the world - had a 32 Mb USB storage device on sale a couple of weeks ago for about 20. (but these bargains are always 'one offs' and you need to be there before the store opens!)

Edited by Carole Faithorn, 04 June 2003 - 11:46 PM.

#18 ignoramous


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Posted 05 June 2003 - 06:08 AM

I am trying to produce a virtual tour of Dover Castle similar to Roy Huggins' model


There is an interractive cd-rom on Dover Castel that you can but for under 15. I have a copy. Its called Real Castles: digital time traveller and is made by TAG in conjunction with English Heritage.

The address of the company is TAG Publishing Ltd, 25 Pelham Road, Gravesend, Kent DA11 0HU.

They also do a similar CD for the Romans and for the Victorians. It is full of clip art as well so you could add loads of pictures ranging from the caroon to the artists reconstruction.

Hope this is of use to you


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#19 Carole Faithorn

Carole Faithorn


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Posted 05 June 2003 - 09:26 PM

Coincidentally I went into my local Lidls today, picked up the flyer for next week and .... next Thurs they will have a 128MB USB 'Pen Drive' for 39.99

Let me know privately if you're interested Chris and I'll send you the spec and would (try to) get one for you if you wish.

They will also have a neat little Mini USB Notebook hub (4 ports) for 5.99!

#20 Win Bradley

Win Bradley

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Posted 05 June 2003 - 10:46 PM

Sorry :blink: :blink:

Think I've lost the plot here. I don't use floppy discs much and I don't find transporting CD's to school much of a problem - I don't understand the need for anything else.


As Carole has mentioned I have had major problems with my computer, but most of my stuff was on 1 CD. OK I lost everything to do with e-mails and the internet so I'll have to find it again.

If Ian of ignoramus and Lindsay send me the details, again I'll send them the presentation but they may neeed to do so before either we replace the AMD Athlon processor (seems to have been operating at 60 C for 2 years) with probably the latest pentium and the cooked memory. Of course the whole thing may decide to go into overload and take on a lif of its own :woo: :woo:

If anyone has any better suggestions let me know.


#21 Andrew Field

Andrew Field


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Posted 05 June 2003 - 11:25 PM

Think I've lost the plot here.  I don't use floppy discs much and I don't find transporting CD's to school much of a problem - I don't understand the need for anything else.

It's not stupid, but really a matter of resources. I frequently burn CD-Roms for materials, but it is very wasteful. Using a UBS-pen drive means you can store a vast amount of data on a device that can be repeatedly used - like a hard drive. This means you have a powerful portable device capable of holding a large amount of data.

The advantage of a floppy disk is that it is easy to access and store information on - the disadvantage is that they store too little. The advantage of a CD-Rom is that it can store a vast amount of information, but unless it is a CD-RW, it can only be written to once and then not re-used. These USB pen-drives offer all the advantages without the drawbacks.

Very useful. My point still stands though - do talk to your ICT people about them. I was recently told that companies have a huge markup on these products which cost next to nothing to produce.

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#22 Nichola Boughey

Nichola Boughey


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Posted 06 June 2003 - 06:18 PM

I use a USB device which is fantastic. This is because sometimes I want my information in school but do not want to cart in my laptop - can be plugged into someone elses laptop!

Excellent - plus I feel like I am a spy! Always an advantage! :D

#23 Win Bradley

Win Bradley

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Posted 07 June 2003 - 07:56 AM

Thanks for the advice Andrew. I think I'm light years behind most of you in terms of ICT. Igf I had a permanent set-up in my class room I can see the need for the devices mentioned. At present I have a digital projector, but have to take ina laptop from home to use it. The two school lap tops are usually booked out.


#24 Shaun Lee

Shaun Lee

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Posted 07 June 2003 - 05:55 PM

Hi, I am the ICT Manager at Neale-Wade. I work along side Andrew Field. He has just ordered a 128Mb Pen Drive from me. If anyone requires any advice on any products. i.e recomendations, prices, suppliers. Please let me know. Only too happy to help.

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