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History: A2 Revolution, Republic and Restoration: England, 1629-67

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Posted 17 June 2010 - 07:14 PM

GMEducation : The Students Education

History: A2 Revolution, Republic and Restoration: England, 1629-67
For the Year 2010-2011

We have produced a document that is aimed to stimulate education, particularly to be used as a revision tool, through making revision easier giving advice, specific information, exploring historical views and looking at the evidence and facts that support historical views upon events.

The whole of the document (currently around 90 pages) can be purchased for £19.99 and used by teachers or alternately may be purchased by students, a relatively cheap price compared to text book. Ultimately this document enshrines the whole of the information required to pass A2 History successfully achieving the very top grades. This is proven as the information is taken directly from student’s revision notes that have achieved just this.

Word Document Sections:

• Before Personal rule
• Personal Rule
• Building to civil war
• Civil War
• Events leading to Charles’s execution (second civil war)
• Cromwell and the Commonwealth
• The protectorate
• Restoration and Settlement

Also Contains:

Essay plans
Revision Advice

Document and Cards will contain specific knowledge that once learnt can be adapted by the students to use in an essay context, creating and supporting arguments.

More desirable for students however maybe the flash cards we are looking to produce that contains all of the following information but instead of appearing as a mass on a large paper document, it is instead broken down into smaller sections on flash cards. This allows the students to study particular areas and not be overwhelmed with the amount of information. Flash cards are ideal for students as they can readily learn and test themselves and actively discourages merely reading the document which is rarely as successful a revision tactic as specific and repeated learning and testing techniques.

The cost of a set of flash cards is expected to be around £6.99 (a price aimed not to make money but cover production costs and time taken by students, with the cards primary aim to help students not make money) and is an ideal revision tool for student looking to achieve the very best grades at A2. The cards can be purchased by the school on behalf of students that decide they would like a copy or alternately just purchased by the School department to use in class or give out to students free of charge. We expect to produce around 70 flash cards per pack

This is the perfect revision tool, not designed by an examiner or a teacher this document is produced by students. It therefore looks at what works for students while obviously containing all the relevant information to achieve the top grades. This is a product of 2 years hard work by students at A2 level that is a perfect aid to the next years students that will go through the same process. All students that have contributed to this document have achieved A’s at A level and have looked to pass on their direct knowledge onto students that will follow in their footsteps.

We would encourage you to take time to look at the document and decide how successful you believe it is and how successful it would be at promoting more precise and effective revision as well as general learning throughout the year.

If you would like to acquire a sample set of flash cards or a sample of the revision document we have produced please email: 05gmelhuish@gmail.com

If you would like to purchase this revision word document in its entirety or revision flash cards please email: 05gmelhuish@gmail.com

Many Thanks
George Melhuish

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