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Late Coursework!

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#31 Richard Drew

Richard Drew

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Posted 11 November 2002 - 11:31 PM

I really wouldn't have thought that most had the intellectual maturity to handle analytical and source evaluation tasks well but perhaps now that the development of such skills is tackled more systematically in Years 7-9 the time has come to think again?

this was a key issue discussed in my dept when we decided to try coursework at the start of y10 this year. we had laid the foundations in y9 with an enquiry focusing on the evaluation of sources and another on interpretations (the two skills tested in wjec coursework), and the kids took to it very well. my fears (clearly yours too) proved to be largely unfounded. also the kids are taking to sourcework in their germany 1919-1945 topic much easier for having intensely honed their skills in the coursework
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#32 Win Bradley

Win Bradley

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Posted 12 November 2002 - 12:28 AM

This year I returned to starting Year 10 with a coursework task on sources and History Around Us. Lik many of you I worry about lack of Skills Development. Coursework is due in on Thursday of tis week. 50% has already been handed in. Clearl 'getting in early' has advantages. Quality seems as good as that from Year 11.


#33 Richard Drew

Richard Drew

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Posted 12 November 2002 - 07:22 AM

Quality seems as good as that from Year 11.

if not better - consistent attendence, enthusiasm and lack of bad habits have meant that my y10 coursework is better than i have received before
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#34 Stephen Drew

Stephen Drew


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Posted 22 November 2002 - 09:15 PM

I can now report the success of my new method of getting coursework out of my Year 10s. It has been hard work, but worth it.

1) I set the coursework as normal in the week before half-term with a deadline of the Friday after half-term (1st November). I told the students that any not in on that day would get a phonecall to parents at the end of school on the 1st to let the parents know of the situation.

2) I wrote a letter to all parents of Year 10 History students informin them of the coursework:

"Dear Parents / Carers

We are writing to you to inform you of the piece of coursework that your son has to complete for History over the half-term holiday.

Year 10 History students have been working towards their first piece of coursework since September, studying the history of the Arab and Israeli conflict. The coursework counts for 12.5% of the marks that go towards the final GCSE grade.

We would like to take this opportunity to give you some information about the coursework that has been set, and what help and information is available to students. We feel it would also be helpful to you as parents / carers to know what you can do to help your son with his coursework tasks. Enclosed in this envelope is a copy of the coursework task documents for you to look at so that you can familiarise yourself with the work your son has to do.

There are a number of ways that students can get help on this task.

Your sonís History teacher will be available in F7 every lunchtime to help with the coursework by reading drafts or discussing ideas.

Those with internet access at home can use the Year 10 section of the History Department website to look at information and links that are relevant to the coursework. Of course if you do not have internet access at home, your son can use the computers in school this week or in the week after half-term. In addition, Harlow Library and the Study Centre also offer free internet access to students.


It is also possible to get information from books and periodicals in the school library or Harlow Library on this subject. Students also have their own notes from class in their exercise books to refer to. As well as this they have been issued with various handouts to help them do the work.

The coursework is to be handed in on Friday 1st November 2002. That is the first Friday back after half term. If you could impress upon your son the importance of meeting this deadline it would be very helpful. You will be contacted by us if he misses the deadline.

We hope that this information proves of use to you as parents / carers in helping your son to achieve the highest possible mark on this important piece of coursework, and so come closer to achieving their potential.

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the coursework please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours faithfully

Mr S Drew (Head of History) & Miss A Cunningham (History Teacher)"

I also put a copy of the coursework questions and sources into the envelope for parents to have access to and to ensure that every student had one at home over the half term.

3) After school on 1st November I called 28 sets of parents out of the 58 students who are in Year 10 doing History. I informed them of the missed deadline and asked them to make sure that it was in by Monday.

By the end of Monday we were down to 10 still outstanding.

4) I called the students who still had not done the coursework to see me every afternoon registration all week to keep on their backs.

5) I then called the remaining students' parents after school on Friday 15th November. I told them that it was still not done and that I wanted their children to stay behind after school for an hour every day of the next week until it was done.

This produced another 3 courseworks on Monday 18th November.

6) I had 4 students after school on Monday to complete their work with me. They worked hard for an hour to avoid having to come back again!

7) We are not left with just three outstanding courseworks. One is a girl who is always absent due to truancy. One is a girl who is off school on long term sickness. The other has been on holiday for the last two weeks.

This is hard work and takes a lot of time and effort, but in a school where there are numerous students in Year 11 with no English coursework whatsoever and where coursework completion in many subjects is done in lessons only, this is a real success that is worth the effort.
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#35 Richard Drew

Richard Drew

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Posted 22 November 2002 - 10:27 PM

We are now left with just three outstanding courseworks.

excellent news.

the hard work and effort is well worth it. similar efforts with lunchtime and after school efforts, calls homw and discussions with HOY mean that i now have all my y11 coursework in except for long-term absence/truancy issues.

the kids are also happier and more focused on the work ahead preparing for the gcse's without any complications
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#36 Nichola Boughey

Nichola Boughey


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Posted 23 November 2002 - 12:55 AM

I kind of feel like a rarity here - all of my girls handed their coursework in on the set deadlines.

Must have angels! :hehe: :idea:

#37 Carole Faithorn

Carole Faithorn


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Posted 26 November 2002 - 01:11 AM

I kind of feel like a rarity here - all of my girls handed their coursework in on the set deadlines.

Must have angels! :hehe:  :idea:

Our c/w all comes in on time too (boys). I guess being in a boarding school helps a great deal - much easier to nail them to a seat!

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