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#1 Richard Jones-Nerzic

Richard Jones-Nerzic

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Posted 22 February 2005 - 12:34 PM

As many of you know, a number of History Forum members are involved in a European funded project on History and e-learning called E-HELP. The European History E-Learning Project (E-HELP) is a Comenius 2.1 Project (Training of School Educational Staff). Established in October, 2004, the overall aim of E-HELP is to encourage and improve the use of ICT and the Internet in history classrooms in Europe.

The E-HELP team includes:

Richard Jones-Nerzic (Coordinator, France: International School of Toulouse)
Juan Carlos Ocaña (Spain: IES Parque de Lisboa, Madrid)
Vicente López-Brea Fernández (Spain: Alcorcon Teachers Support Centre, Madrid)
Nico Zijlstra (Netherlands: Sintermeerten College, Heerlen)
Anders MacGregor-Thunell (Sweden: Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet, Gothenburg)
Dalibor Svoboda (Sweden: Fredrika Bremer Gymnasium, Stockholm)
Terry Hadyn (UK: University of East Anglia)
Alf Wilkinson (UK: Historical Association)
Andy Walker (UK: Dartford Technology College)
John Simkin (UK: Spartacus Educational)

Over the next three years E-HELP will:

(1) Research, evaluate and present evidence of good practice in the use of ICT and the Internet in European History Classrooms.

(2) Produce and manage a multilingual website and discussion forum to support the project and its aims.

(3) Create innovative online history resources for teaching a European dimension with a range of “past-present” historical issues in a multilingual/second language context.

(4) Deliver a residential course in July 2007 (International School of Toulouse) in the use of ICT and the Internet in the history classroom.

E-HELP held its first meeting in Toulouse on 17th-20th February, 2005. This included a series of presentation on the use of ICT in the classroom:

Richard Jones-Nerzic (When are computers actually going to teach history?)
Dan Lyndon (Information is not Learning)
Anders MacGregor-Thunell (Working with Local Archives)
Dave Martin (ICT and Students’ Historical Communication Skills)
Dalibor Svoboda (The Knowledge and Competent Foundation)
Isabelle Voegeli (The Use of ENA in the History Classroom)
John Simkin (Using ICT to Turn Students into Historians)
Caterina Gasparini (Learning by Shared Connected Knowledge)
Nico Zijlstra (Maintaining Your Own History Website)
Doug Belshaw (ICT and Collaborative Teaching and Learning)
Janos Blasszauer (ICT and the Quality of Teaching and Learning)
Terry Hadyn (Using ICT in School History to Develop Political Literacy)
José Luis de la Torre (EducaHistoria and Teaching History)
Alf Wilkinson (Using the Web Effectively for Research)
Andy Walker (Using ICT to Break Down Barriers to Learning)
Juan Carlos Ocaña (Looking to the Future)
Andrew Field (The Past in the Future)

Carole Faithorn also played a very important role in the general organisation of the event. :flowers:

For more information on these seminars see attached file and the International Education Forum.

To access the Seminars you will first need to go to:


and then:


A selection of the seminars will eventually be available as short digital films hosted by the e-Help website. Although the content of Andrew Field's rather excellent seminar is already available as a Flash file http://www.schoolhistory.co.uk/ehelp/

Although it is a little early to start applying for the residential course here in Toulouse in July 2007, it is worth pointing out that grants of up to £1500 (Comenius 2.2 grants) are currently available from your national agencies for those who wish to attend such courses. For further details see the British Council website at http://www2.britishc...ce-training.htm
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#2 John Simkin

John Simkin

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Posted 22 February 2005 - 02:04 PM

Please contact me if you would like help in constructing a Comenius 2 bid. The British Council told me last year that unlike other European countries, very few UK schools apply for this money. As a result, the British Council looks very favourably at those involving UK schools. Money available is very substantial. We have been granted 318,910 euros by Socrates.

#3 Dan Lyndon

Dan Lyndon

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Posted 09 March 2005 - 08:34 PM

I thought that I would write to inform everyone that the first post-Toulouse inter schools collaboration took place with students from my school, Henry Compton having lunch with students from Nico's school Sintermeertencollege, in our canteen. The Dutch students were working on an online propaganda project using the City Learning Centre which is next door and we both though that this was an excellent opportunity for the students to meet for a short while and talk about their different experiences. The lunch was very successful and the students and staff really got alot out of our little event. There is obviously great potential for further links with a greater focus on the curriculum next time.
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