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#1 Alick Brown

Alick Brown


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Posted 09 March 2007 - 09:34 PM

Questions about Curriculum Review

How are History departments dealing with a 2 year KS3?
Should History be compulsory to 16?
What changes are being made to GCSE History coursework?
New A Levels - who have you opted for and why?
What are the main changes to History at AS/A2?
How are departments preparing for the revised National Curriculum at KS3?

Curriculum and discipline questions

What is good practice for the use of Literacy and Numeracy in History?
What ideas do experience teachers have to help Student teachers with worries about subject knowledge and discipline?
How can I deliver Thinking Skills in my History lessons?
Where can I find out about Learning Styles?
How can I ensure that I am using the National Curriculum Levels properly with my students?
What ideas and practices do History teachers have for developing schemes of work and assessment tasks?
Where can I find discussion about assessment and a link to assessment materials?
Is it acceptable for students to write their essays in text message language?
How did students in other schools react to the war with Iraq?
How can I settle down my new classes to get control so that I can then teach them properly?
Where can I find a discussion about Classroom management?
How can I run a debate in my classroom?
How can I develop the source analysis skills of my students?
How can I break down the National Curriculum Level Descriptors into student friendly language?
How do I improve the motivation of pupils?

GCSE questions
How do other Departments promote the uptake of History at GCSE?
Can I show generic markschemes for GCSE exam questions to my students?
What methods do teachers use to get students to hand in their GCSE History coursework?
When is it appropriate to give 100% to a piece of GCSE coursework?
How can I make use of model answers to GCSE questions with my students?
How does SHP compare to Modern World History?
Can I show the mark scheme for my History coursework to my students?
What do teachers feel about tiered papers for GCSE History?
Do any GCSE Exam Boards offer the choice not to do coursework?
What policies do History teachers adopt on the redrafting / checking of GCSE coursework?
Should I continue to teach Economic and Social History to my GCSE students?
Can you tell me where to find some good weblinks for the GCSE SHP coursework on the Irish conflict (Bloody Sunday)?
Can I have some ideas on how to prepare my GCSE students for the final "push" towards their exams?
What should I do if one of my students is way over the word limit on her GCSE coursework?
Where can I find out what other members of the Forum teach for GCSE?
Where can I download a 'Source Skills' booklet to use with my pupils?
What are the current GCSE grade boundaries?

Management questions
How much money should my History department be getting each year?
What type of pupil tracking systems are used by History departments?
Can you tell me about homework policies in use by History departments?
What ideas do History teachers have for presenting their departments on Open Evening?
What policies do teachers follow on the entering of students for GCSE exams?
How useful are CAT scores to departmental planning and teaching?
What policies / ideas do history departments have for the display of students' work?
How have Heads of Department dealt with the KS3 Foundation Subjects Strategy Audit booklet?
Where can I get hold of some good examples of lesson plan proformas used successfully by History teachers?
How should I deal with a student who has clearly plagarised much of his work?
Ofsted: How do you become an outstanding department?

Lesson plan ideas
Where can I find good ideas for attention-grabbing lesson 'starters'?
What do other teachers do in plenary sessions?
Where can I find ideas for educationally useful end-of-term activites?
How can I teach a lesson using the Rainbow Portrait of Elizabeth I?
What is a writing frame and how can I make use of this ideas with my students?
How can I make effective and interesting use of timelines in History lessons?
What kind of lessons and ideas could be used to teach the French Revolution to Year 8s?
Where can I find information and ideas about Holocaust Memorial Day (Jan 27th)?
How can I develop lesson ideas and a scheme of work on King John?
I want a good idea on how to introduce the legacy of Hitler to my students - can you help?
What ideas do other teachers have to develop a series of lessons on art in World War I?
How can I make teaching of the Vietnam War more interesting?
How can I make Medieval Medicine more exciting and interactive for my GCSE students?
How can I develop the use of mind mapping for essay writing with my students?
In what ways can music be used to enhance my lessons?.
Where can I find good ideas for teaching the Battle of Hastings?
Can you give me some ideas for the teaching of interpretations?
How can I get my students to develop two sides of an argument / topic?
How can I start my lesson in a way that meets with the idas from the Key Stage 3 Strategy?
What is an historical boxing match?
How can I teach the Plague in 1665 to my students to excite and invigorate them?
How can I teach the Holocaust to my students at Key Stage 3?

Textbooks and other resources
Which textbooks do History teachers recommend based on their experiences of using them?
Where can I find current TV programmes of potential use in the classroom?
Where can I find resources designed for my lower attaining children?
What films are suitable for using with students in History lessons?
What do teachers think of the new CGP Key Stage 3 book?
Where can I find resources to help me use paintings in my lessons?
Where can I find a categorised list of audio and visual resources?

Training ideas
Can you tell me about successful and useful INSET ideas that are recommended by History teachers?

ICT issues
What ideas are there for the effective use of Interactive Whiteboards in the History classroom?
What is Hot Potatoes and how does it work? (It is an ICT resource for creating quizzes and interactive activities!)
Can you give me advice on creating my own website?
What kind of things should I be putting into my History Department website?
Where can I find lots of good History Clip Art to put in my worksheets?
Where can I find animated clipart to use in PowerPoint Presentations
Where can I find help in writing an ICT Development Plan?
What do History teachers think of the Curriculum Online website?
What digital projectors are being used by teachers at the moment that they would recommend?
How can I make use of a digital projector or interactive whiteboard to enhance my teaching?
How can I use a game like Blockbusters with an ICT application in the classroom?
How can I add a timer to my PowerPoint activity?
What do History teachers think of the Historyonline subscription website?
I'm thinking of going over to broadband. Should I?
What youtube videos do people recommend?
What software should I use for advanced podcasting?

School trips
Can I have some advice on how to organise my trip to the World War I battlefields?
Do you have any information about museums and other trips I could take my pupils to?
I'm planning a trip to Berlin. Where can I find advice on that?

Other topics
What advice can you offer someone with an interview for History PGCE?
What ideas do people have for learning pupils' names
What questions might be asked at an interview for a Head of Department post?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a Supply Teachers?
Why do Ofsted make such positive comments about History teachers?
Do pupils need heroes in history? (Be warned this a real humdinger of an argument / debate!)
Can I have some ideas about how to deliver specific help to Gifted and Talented students?
Where can I find a discussion about management and leadership in schools?
Where can I find advice and information about tax issues if I do work outside my normal school employment?

Online Seminars
The Student as Teacher
Using a Variety of Learning Styles in Teaching
History Teaching in Spain
Encouraging History Teachers to use ICT
Essay Writing Skills at AS Level
Selection, Streaming and Banding
Teachers or Facilitators - what do schools need?
Teaching History in a Laptop Classroom
Effective extra-curricula activities in History
Raising Attainmnet at Key Stage 4
Teaching Black and Asian History in Schools
Thinking Skills

Online Simulations in History
Surviving the First Term
Educational Visits
Writing Educational Websites
Supply Teaching
Interpretations - a Misunderstood Skill?
Teaching History in Sweden
Teaching History with a hypertext curriculum
Assessment in History
Maximising the outcomes from revision
Active Learning in History
Creating Effective Online Lessons
Literacy in History

History and Art
Teacher training
Numeracy in the History Curriculum
Teaching Local History
Teaching history in France
Teaching the Industrial Revolution
Using the student forum for collaborative projects

History and Citizenship
History post-16
Teaching History in Scotland: a 'Rough Guide'
Making Effective use of Data
Getting the most out of an Interactive Whiteboard
Head of Department: dispatch from the front line
Using digital video in the history classroom, why, what and how.

Developing students historical skills in Year 7
Active Learning revisited
Mentoring PGCE Students
Teaching the Tudors

Provision for Gifted and talented pupils in history
Making best use of ICT

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Alick Brown

#2 Andrew Field

Andrew Field


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Posted 10 March 2007 - 09:58 AM

Just to say thanks so much to Alick for updating and fixing this thread. This is now a new and improved find what you're looking for. Obviously quite a few of these threads are quite old now, but all the discussion is still very useful and do not hesitate to reply & restart any of these threads.


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#3 DAJ Belshaw

DAJ Belshaw

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Posted 10 March 2007 - 12:01 PM

Good stuff - this is a great place to start for people new to the forum. It's also useful for the rest of us to see what we've missed/forgotten! ;)

Doug :hehe:

#4 Alick Brown

Alick Brown


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Posted 10 March 2007 - 05:47 PM

Thanks, Andrew, for tidying up the post. Of course this is Stephen Drew's original list...
Alick Brown

#5 Andrew Field

Andrew Field


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Posted 10 March 2007 - 05:51 PM

Thanks, Andrew, for tidying up the post. Of course this is Stephen Drew's original list...

Indeed - good point - taking nothing away from Stephen's work over two years ago - it was nevertheless marvellous of you to resurrect this thread and it will also spur me onto getting the additional search tools sorted. As the History Teachers' Discussion forum has existing for quite some time now there are so many existing threads that will be useful.

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#6 Dan Moorhouse

Dan Moorhouse

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Posted 03 December 2007 - 11:00 AM

Just edited Alick's post to add a number of links - in particular, the first section about curriculum developments as that seems to crop up time and time again. There are bound to be loads of other useful threads that aren't currently included in the list. If there's anything that you feel ought to be included please post a copy of the thread in here and I'll add it to the original list.

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