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Penalty Shootout

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The very latest and greatest version of the Penalty Shootout game is now freely available.

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The new version of the Penalty Shootout game (version 7) boasts many new features. These include a massive new range of goalie heads, full colour control of your player's kit, a redesigned shooting mechanism and even the player taking the penalty. You can now hit the bar and the new improved referee can force kicks to be retaken. The goalie heads have also been made much larger, creating a 'cartoony-look'.

This simply means that you get all the brilliance of the award-winning previous versions, but with added features and extras that make this educational game even more entertaining.

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This game was created by Andrew Field © 2000-05.
Now available for download from Andrew Field's new website:
Page updated Sunday, June 3, 2007

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