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Race Relations in the USA since 1945


Martin Luther King Jr. Online interactive discovery packed full of information, links and even a quiz.  Excellent possibilities for further research.
Timeline of the American Civil Rights Movement The interactive timeline available on this site will be of great use.  The events are hyperlinked allowing information to be quickly and easily found.
Fisk University Race Relations Institute Extremely useful site based at a US University.  Both information on the site and from the extensive and balanced hyperlinks page will prove very worthwhile
National Civil Rights museum Superbly presented and resourced site that provides information on the Civil Rights Movement in America.  A useful source of information and ideas. Race relations sections from containing many links to relevant websites.  Some excellent material, some average - useful for research.
Black Panther Party Research Project Extremely informative and well presented site dedicated to providing information about the 'Black Panther Party' from 1966 onwards.
Jackie Robinson Interesting online activity about the first Afro-American man to play in the US Baseball major leagues.  A super resource.
The Black History database A thought provoking and developing database relating to all aspects of 'Black history and culture'.  Good research possibilities.




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