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Medicine and public health through time


History of Medicine From, a fantastic resource on the history of medicine through time.  Absolutely first class presentation and information - perfect for GCSE study.  Goes through the major developments of each age.  Brilliant!
Ancient Egyptian Medicine A really useful summary accompanied by revision activities.  The pages outline developments and practices in Ancient Egyptian Medicine.  Part of the SchoolsHistory site.
Medicine Through Time A tremendous and comprehensive site from BBC Education.  It covers all aspects from pre-history to modern times with very useful information.  Well worth a long visit!
A short history... Designed to provide information for would-be doctors, this Thinkquest site offers some excellent information on medicine through time, together with further links.
The History Channel Not a direct link because of the organisation of the History Channel site.  Navigate to the GCSE classroom, and then History of Medicine.  Once there, you meet a superb source of information together with a printable quiz.
BBC History - Medicine through time Excellent revision activities and GCSE-type tests relating to Medicine through time.  Part of the BBC Bytesize revision course.  Pupils first revise information, then attempt a test.
Egyptian Medicine An interesting and well presented page that offers information on some of the earliest medicine known to man.  Fascinating! 
Virtual Renaissance: The Barber Excellent and interesting information presented in a thoughtful way.  Pupils can find out about the advances in medicine during the Renaissance.
Medical History on the Internet A US based site that has an enormous amount of links to all different aspects of medical history - however not all the links are current!
Medical Antiques A site that provides photographs concerning medical history, or at the site states, an antique medical, surgical and dental resource site.  Certainly different!
Royal Society of Medicine A site more dedicated to current medicine that history, but there are some useful links available, yet little of direct use.
History of Medicine An enormous site from the US Library of Medicine.  More of an internet site for the Library than a collection of resources itself.  Despite this, the research sections is a effective research tool.
Medicine in Ancient and Medieval Times A brief, yet beneficial examination of ancient and medieval medicine.  Good images combined with original information make this a worthwhile site to visit.
Plague and Public Health in Medieval Europe A project to create online hypertext resources to document the arrival, impact and response to the problem of epidemic disease in Western Europe between 1348 and 1530.  Extremely text heavy, but valuable source material.   




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