The Cold War Source Exercise


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Lesson Plan:

    • Aimed at Students studying at UK GCSE or equivalent
    • Free to download
    • Use to understand sources throughout your work.
    • Cold War Source Exercise

What is a Source?

A source is a piece of evidence that historians use to find out about the past.

There are many different types of sources that can be used, such as; letters, diaries, texts from books, pictures, cartoons etc.

Whenever you see this symbol there will be essential tips and hints. If you take notice of them, your answers will improve. Here are some general hints to help you when working with sources.

  • Always read the sources and the questions carefully.
  • Make sure you relate your answer to the question,don’t get bogged down writing everything you can think of.
  • Read and use the captions underneath pictures and cartoons they can be hugely helpful.
  • Think carefully about timing yourself. Look at how many marks the question is worth and then work out how much time you should spend on it.
  • REMEMBER. An 8 mark question does not require you to make 8 points, it is the level of analysis in your answer that gets you marks.