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Friday 16th November 2007

SnapShots removed :(

Not Get Free Shots from

Disappointingly the SnapShots service have introduced adverts across all their snapshot images. The technology is brilliant but I don't want Google and other ads appearing on this site - it is too much of a distraction and annoyance for students.

I have looked into the possiblity of getting the adverts removed because this is an educational site, but it doesn't look like it is possible. I have e-mailed to ask though.

Thus, at least for now, I've removed the tool from the site.

Sunday 19th August 2007

SnapShots introduced

Get Free Shots from

Major update to the site - all Year 7 and Year 8 pages now have a custom version of the excellent SnapShot tool. This means you can get a preview of any external site before you follow the link. However, I have tweaked the presentation so you have to hover over the new 'SnapShot preview' icon rather than be bombarded with images without asking.

Example: The National Archives' Learning Curve

This is an improvement for two reasons. Firstly it makes the site much more usable but secondly it is a very visible way for me to check for dead links / link rot which is such a pain. I plan to work through the Year 7 and 8 pages and update as soon as I can.

BlushThis is the first of a few dynamic updates to the entire site which I've been promising for ages. This started with the site update in 2003! Further details and updates will appear soon.

Sunday 3rd June 2007

Flash problem fixed

Yesterday evening I began testing a new feedback form, designed to restrict the amount of spam that appears in my inbox. I changed a file to make this fix work, but then (unintentionally - honest) this broke a lot of the site Flash - thus interactive diagrams and some pages have displayed incorrectly this morning. This problem has now been resolved and the interactive diagrams are working again. Thanks to the many who e-mailed to report this issue.

Further updates soon

Lots of background development work has been taking place - some of which can already been seen on my ICT site - These updates all relate to making the site much more dynamic and easy to update.

I will also update this page with details about how the site continues to develop - sorry for the huge delay in useful information. Don't forget the Teacher Forum or Student Forum - these are very active and an ideal source of information and support.

Saturday 15th July 2006

Updates to the forums

Uploaded updates to both the History Teachers' Discussion Forum and the Student History Help forum. The software used, from Invision, seems to be under some pressure recently with lots of security updates.

Both forums are now fully updated to the latest versions.

Interactive Storyboards

The interactive storyboard updates have been working really well - the save / load feature of Flash 8 means they are much more usable. However, I have discovered an issue with saving to network file areas - it seems to not always work, so I'm looking into that.

Please do let me know if you find the concept interesting - I'm very happy to develop versions for other topic.

New games & updates

As I have time this summer I will update the site further with updates to existing games and new games. The Grade or No Grade game has proved really popular and I aim to make the game available for many more topics.

Monday 26th June 2006

Interactive Storyboard developments

Blitz storyboard

I've finally developed the Interactive Storyboards further, meaning work can be saved and loaded easily. The storyboards do required Flash 8, but two additional examples are now available.

The Blitz - asking students to present their ideas why the major cities of Britain were bombed by the Germans in 1940 to 41.

Oliver Cromwell - hero, villain or somewhere in between? Use this storyboard to help you reach your own conclusions.

These online applications are very much under development, but are all suitable to be used in class. Please let me know any ideas or suggestions for improving them.

Wednesday 7th June 2006

Updates to the Revision section

Updates to the revision section to fix the broken links that have appeared with changes to other sites that I've previously recommended.

Pleae let me know if you spot any additional broken links.

More update to appear tomorrow - some last-minute games to help you with your revision!

Finally, it is getting very busy around here. Nearly 20,000 people visited the site yesterday. Best of luck in your revision and exams!

Thursday 9th February 2006

Superpower Relations revision update

Update to the superpower relations revision page - fixed dead links and added dynamic search tool.

Also uploaded printable 'revision sheet' to print off and revise from.

Details about new Fling the Teacher games and further updates to revision tools will appear very soon.

Monday 9th January 2006

Interactive Flash quiz - USA in the early 1920s

Part of a series of new interactive multiple choice quizzes. Created using my new Multi-choice quiz generator. 22 questions to answer with 30 seconds allowed per question - ideal as a starter or plenary via a projector.

The program is free to download from my website - anyone can generate engaging quizzes in a few minutes. Please feel free to send any of your creations to and I'll upload them. Contact me for further details.

Wednesday 28th December 2005

General site update

As part of a general site update I've added some additional links, begun uploading new materials and worked on finishing off so many things that I've already started!

As always innovative teachers are developing new materals. Two sites not to miss are the Invicta History Department and Doug Belshaw's new teaching-related blog.

The Interactive Storyboard development is coming along well. The new Flash 8 version worked when I used it with my students at the end of last term - I now need to finalise the look and make the whole thing more user-friendly. I hope to have this ready next month - but no promises!

I'm also very keen to complete the work on my new Flash games - with updates to the existing games and the release of my new En Guard game.

The Santa Shootout has one again proved extremely popular. I uploaded the game again on the 14th December and it was played by 17,761 people in the following seven days!

More specific updates soon. As I look back through the developments in this site over 2005 I have never been able to find enough time to do all I had planned. Nevertheless, I am still working on it, but I'm sure all users will appreciate that time is limited.

Directly connected to this I'm delighted to mention briefly that my wife gave birth to our beautiful first daughter at the end of November. There were lots of problems & complications, but both are now healthy and were home for Christmas.

Sunday 13th November 2005

Fling the Teacher updates

Thanks to the efforts of Mr Tarr of nearly all the Fling the Teacher games have now been updated.

Fling the Teacher

At the time of typing, this means there are 68 topics with 2665 possible questions. These range from Ancient Rome, via Suleiman the Magificent, Captain Cook all the way to the Cold War.

Creative Commons licence

The game has been released under a Creative Commons licence, meaning that anyone can create their own versions. You can do this by downloading free Fling the Teacher generator from my site [forum registration required but nothing more].

Do you know enough to fling your teacher away? Time to find out!

Sunday 30th October 2005

New interactive diagrams

More interactive diagams created by JohnDClare on his marvellous website. Two additional diagrams for Superpower Relations:

Communist takeover of Eastern Europe - Salami tactics - with colours!
The effect of Khrushchev.

Games index page now fully complete

Following testing for a number of weeks, I'm now happy to launch the finished games page. This page uses a specially designed Flash menu to allow you to search all the available games with many different options.

The new games index page now provides instant access to all current and future games on the website. I can also add links to other history sites using the games so they'll become part of the list. [If you'd like your games included, please feel free to let me know.]

Add a games search box to your site

As part of the new games page, the search box, that will eventually appear on every page of the site can be added to other websites. Mr Belshaw has been trying it out and it seems to work really well.

If you wish to add a search-box like this to your site, all you need to do is copy the following html code and add it to your webpage:

It automatically sends people to the search page and displays any games that are related to their search. As the file is hosted on this site, it can be automatically updated without you needing to do anything else. In addtion, as it is all linked up to the main games search page, your search box will automatically pick up any new topics as they are added.

The menu, and these other features all use Flash, which you need installed to play the games anyway, so I don't think this should restrict uses of the site too much.

Over the next few weeks I will be releasing new updates to the Interactive Storyboards as I've been able to develop a way of making them much more user friendly. They will need the latest Flash player though, Flash Player 8. If you are interested in the technical side of such things, do visit my new website called ''. I will post ideas and suggestions linked the educational use of Flash and other related programs. It will also ensure that this site remains firmly focused on History and any of the technical mumbo-jumbo can appear on the new website.

Lots more exciting developments coming soon!

Friday 7th October 2005

Fixed errors with Beat 'da Bomb & Noughts and Crosses games

Thanks to all those who reported the issue with the menu pages for Beat 'da Bomb and Noughts and Crosses. This has now been fixed and the games should load correctly.

This fix will now enable the final game search menu to appear quickly!

Saturday 17th September 2005

New interactive diagrams

Created by JohnDClare on his marvellous website, new interactive diagrams for the First World War and for Superpower Relations.

First World War:

International crises 1900-1913
Examples of the long term causes of World War I
How did the long-term causes of World War I cause World War I?

Superpower Relations:

The ideological differences between the USA and the USSR
The differences between Yalta & Potsdam.

These were created with my Interactive Diagram generator from

Fixed errors with Hoop Shoot index page

Some link errors have been fixed with the new Flash based menu page for the Hoop Shoot game. All these games have now been checked - and they all should load!

Tuesday 13th September 2005

New version of Fling the Teacher

A completely new and updated version of the Fling the Teacher game is now available. The game now works in all internet browsers and makes much more direct use of Flash.

You can design the 'look' of your chosen teacher / victim, all the helplines and key parts of the game are integrated into one file, and the end result is, as my Year 7s describe, a funky new game that is better than ever. There is even a fully animated Fling sequence if you know enough to get 15 questions correct!

28 games based on this site, with a total of 900 different questions, have been updated. Games on other sites will also be updated, but are still availablve on the old index page.

Dynamic games and quizzes database in final testing

A number of game index pages has already been updated to the new dynamic games and quizzes database. This advanced interface allows anyone to find all available games for each historical topic.

Final testing is underway at the moment, and the new games index page will be appearing very soon.

Monday 1st August 2005

Updates to interactive games

Updates to the Penalty Shootout and Walk the Plank games. Updating the versions to the latest versions of the games previously released on my website.

Updates to the games include checks to ensure they work with the new version of Flash (Flash 8), whilst retaining compatibility with previous versions. New sound effects have been added together with more efficient coding and preparations for integration with the searchable database of games and quizzes.

Plans for September / Autumn

Part 1 [September completion] : As showcased on the homepage, I hope to release the searchable database of interactive games and quizzes in the near future. I've designed this to allow teachers and students to find relevant topics quickly and efficiently. If I can get it to work, a new search-box will appear on each topic page, allowing anyone to find existing games and quizzes.

Part 2 [September completion] : The second major aim is to finally upload the copious amounts of resources that have been submitted to the site. There hasn't been a resource update for ages and it is thus well overdue.

The rest [as soon as time permits] : A new GCSE links and topics section is also in production, making best use of the popular GCSE Revision area, together with more detailed links for the specific topics.

The interactive diagrams also need to be updated to the latest version - with much improved features making the interactive diagrams more accessible, appealing and efficient e-Learning objects.

Finally, there is a brand new interactive game - En Guard - together with planned updates to the other existing games.

The main idea is to streamline updates and developments. Previous developments with the Penalty Shootout and Walk the Plank games means new versions can be uploaded by just changing one file. I want to implement this system for all the different interactivities on the site.

Friday 17th June 2005

Macromedia Educational Leader

I am proud to announce that I have been chosen as a Macromedia Education Leader. Not much more than that to say really - but I'm simply very pleased to be recognised in this way and I aim to continue the development of interactive materials making use of Macromedia / Adobe tools in the future.

Those who have followed this site closely have seen how it has successfully grown and developed through the use of Macromedia tools and I hope it will continue to do so!

Macromedia Education Leader

Sunday 05th June 2005

New revision interactivity launched - Practice Paper - Practice Paper

This brand new Flash 7-based interactivity provides you with practice exam-style questions together with online paper to complete. You can set options such as how many questions you want, or whether you want the pressure of a time limit.

Once complete, you then compare your version with suggested answers, complete with ideas for an effective conclusion.

Currently, one topic is available - USA 1941-80: A Divided Union?

If popular, will upload additional topics in the future.

Further interactive diagram developments

New interactive diagram on the Watergate Scandal uploaded.

Further development of the new version of the Interactive Diagrams. Now much brighter and colourful!

New game topics uploaded:

Historical Duckshoot Historical Duckshoot - Parliamentary Reform 1830-1931 by L. Bush
Historical Hangman Historical Hangman - the Chartist Experience 1838-50 by L. Bush

Saturday 04th June 2005

Coming soon - 'Practice Paper'

A new interactivity will be launched this weekend - ideal for final revision. It will initially cover the topics I teach my students - USA: A Divided Union? and SuperPower Relations.

Take a sneaky peek (although remember this isn't the finished one).

New version of the Interactive Diagrams

This new version allows much greater control over the formatting and display of work - use colour and text formatting to help you revise and remember!

As part of this update, the new version of the Interactive Diagrams is being uploaded for the USA: A Divided Union? topic.

New diagrams added and updated to complete the topic:

Student Movement - why did the Student Movement develop?
Communism - why did the USA develop a fear of Communism?
Civil Rights - what was the Civil Rights Movement in post-war USA?
New Frontier and Great Society
The war in Vietnam
What was the impact of Vietnam?
Womens' Movement
Student Movement
Create your own versions

Don't forget that anyone can generate their own versions of my Interactive Diagrams by purchasing the Interactive Diagram generator (iDG) from my website.

Revision section update

International Relations Revision page updated - it seems that many of the really useful links have simply disappeared from the internet. Thankfully, many excellent materials remain!

Thursday 26th May 2005

Use the Source - Star-Wars inspired poster

Flashpaper icon Print off a topical "Use the source" poster to help students remember the importance of using sources in their answers. "To get better marks - use the source"...

Star Wars

Wednesday 18th May 2005

Review in last week's Sunday Times - really positive review! Five out of five stars again from the Sunday Times.

Sunday Times


Article by Roger Frost
Five stars

This simply designed stalwart for swotting up before exams is distinguished by material well matched to the curriculum. Andrew Field, a teacher, has assembled an impressive collection of free online tutorials and mini-lessons: in “Who should have been King in 1066?”, a pupil can learn about the Norman Conquest by working through an inter-active storyboard that explains the details with words, pictures and spider diagrams — an idea that works well on screen. A lesson about the Industrial Revolution takes a simple quiz approach, and doesn’t let you move on until your answers are right. What makes the site outstanding is the variety of teaching strategies on offer. It is about learning history, rather than merely storing it, so you will not find any droning text here; indeed, lessons hum with Blackadderish irreverence. A colourful, sparky place to revise and reinforce what has been taught in class.

Monday 16th May 2005

Historical Duckshoot - new menu and game
submitted by Ms L. Bush

Historical Duckshoot icon New dynamic menu screen - trial version of the new game menu - uploaded to the Historical Duckshoot index page. Redevelopment of Duckshoot index page.

Renaissance, Reformation and Exploration Duckshoot game by Ms L. Bush uploaded. An updated version of the Historical Duckshoot game is planned for the near future.

Depression and the New Deal GCSE Revision page updated.

Wednesday 11th May 2005

Elizabeth I powerpoint presentation
submitted by Mr Millward-Hopkins

PowerPoint icon An enjoyable and challenging PowerPoint simulation in which students are invited to act as advisors to the new queen Elizabeth and tell her what to do. Both her and their future depends on giving the right answers. Encourages lively discussion and debate if students work in teams. Don't tell them the object is to score as few points as possible!

Updates to the site forums - more security updates than anything else.

Thursday 05th May 2005

Medicine through Time PowerPoint review lesson

PowerPoint iconWith 10 PowerPoint presentations submitted by Mr Day, this Medicine through Time online review lesson allows you to cover key aspects of the Medicine through Time course.

The ten available topics cover:
Islamic Medicine
Medieval Medicine
William Harvey
Early Modern Medicine
Fight against Infectious Disease
Inoculation and Germ Theory
Impact of new technology
Development of surgery
Important women in Medicine
Modern Medicine

There is also an additional topic by Mr McDonald
High-technology surgery

The main Medicine through Time revision page will be updated extremely soon!

Wednesday 04th May 2005

Great Fire of London Interactive Storyboard

A new interactive storyboard - providing students with the opportunity to create their own narrative account of the key events relating to the Fire of London. Just as with other interactive storyboards, students can make decisions about presentation but the major focus is upon the historical content.

Interactive storyboards are still developing and yet to be fully completed - but this further example is a useful working online lesson.

Give it a try and let me know any comments!

Saturday 30th April 2005

Revision updates

Further revision section updates will appear over this weekend. Updates to each revision page together with Flashcard quizzes and additional games.

Following last week's comments about the number of visitors, last Tuesday saw over 16,000 visitors. This results in an average of 15,200 visitors each day last week.

Sunday 24th April 2005

Revision updates

Further revision section updates - updated the SuperPower relations page to remove dead links and add in replacements.

Revision flash cards

Flash cards

Launch of Revision Flash Cards - traditional revision technique turned into an online quiz. I've uploaded the first revision topic - USA: Depression and the New Deal. I plan to add additional GCSE Revision topics.

These flash cards offers lots of options - such as viewing in groups of 10, viewing all cards, viewing them in order or in random order. Also ideal for whole-class revision via a projector or interactive whiteboard. The cards can be 'enlarged' to make them more visible.


Saturday 23rd April 2005

Revision section updates. New link from the home page to highlight the section together with easy to remember url:

Worried about revision imageA general revision advice page has been uploaded - offering brief suggestions and guidance, together with comprehensive links to further online advice and ideas. Ideal if you a looking for different ways of revising.

Each topic page is being updated - mainly to remove links to old activities. Unfortunately many previous revision links are now unavailable - but fortunately I'm finding ideal alternatives!

So far the World War I and Germany 1919-1945 sections have been updated. Stay tuned for further updates.

In addition - the site continues to grow in popularity. Tuesday last week saw the largest single number ofFriday, November 16, 2007

Wednesday 30th March 2005
Easter update continues - redesign and much needed update to the Teachers' section. Closer integration to the History Teachers' Discussion forum and, in particular, the excellent and extensive collection of seminars that are now available.

The online Captivate interactive demonstration of the History Teachers' Discussion forum is also available (just over 5 minutes running time).

FlashpaperFollowing a request, I've uploaded a Flashpaper version of the 'Rise of Napoleon' worksheet to the Year 8 French Revolution section.

Further updates will appear very soon - linked to the release of my new - and entirely free - multi-choice quiz generator. As I was working through the old links to quiz-creation materials it was disappointing to see a number of useful programs are no longer available.

Sunday 28th March 2005

Re-opening of the GCSE and Standard Grade Revision forum
Useful link:

The forum is for short, effective answers to help you do your best in your exams. As lots of questions have already been answered, so use the search function to see what answers already exist.

The top-rated revision section is also being updated and improved - more appearing soon.

Sunday 13th March 2005

Test of a new multiple choice quiz format - a castles quiz. This example is basis for my soon to be freely available software - the Multiple Choice Quiz Generator. See the site for more details.

Updated Year 8 Renaissance links page - fixed dead links. Due to the constantly changing nature of the Internet 'dead links' are unfortunately becoming more and more common. Please let me know if you come across any and I will do my best to fix them.

Uploaded 'Reign of Terror' Flashpaper resource - the existing resource is now more immediately accessible.

As can be seen on the server status page, the site, despite being under enormous demand (some 14,000 unique daily visitors) has been available for 100% of the time. cool.gif

Tuesday 15th February 2005

Updated the server status page to reflect the new dedicated server - including the new 'server status' service showing (hopefully) how stable and reliable the 'field' server is.

Sunday 13th February 2005

Successful server move - to the new 'field' server!

The website, together with all my freely available educational websites, has been moved to a brand new dedicated server. The new server was 'recognised' by the internet this morning and all seems to have gone well.

The dynamic areas of the site (the Teachers' Discussion forum and the History Help forum) were closed for 22 hours and are now fully operational again.

The main website experienced no downtime at all - a brilliant achievement thanks to my webhosts - An excellent and helpful service that I thoroughly recommend!

The new server provides the power and (most importantly) the bandwidth to allow me to update the site - and be safe that it can cope with the thousands of downloads. It now receives around 13,000 visitors a day with over 30Gig of data transferred each week. You can imagine how this mounts up!

Recent positive review in the TES
- TES Teacher: 21 January 2005

"...invaluable and jam-packed with ideas to enthuse even the most disillusioned reviser. Far from making revision a dry and tedious pursuit, my pupils confessed to spending hours playing the games. There's a duck shoot, a basketball game, a penalty shoot-out and games where you fling the teacher and make him walk the plank by answering revision questions correctly.

Another brilliant aspect of this site is the interactive diagrams, which you can complete online or print off. They are similar to Mind Maps and provide a good way of ensuring pupils have the basic factual knowledge needed for the exams." limited

My wife and I have now formed a company - limited. We are proud to act as consultants for many education companies and organisations and this, together with the commercial site, has made forming a company a necessary move.

This does - and will do - nothing to change the entirely free nature of and our other free websites. We feel very strongly that our educational sites form an excellent 'window' into our capabilities - whilst providing a helpful service to students and fellow teachers.

Monday 31st January 2005
I'm developing a new more user-friendly system to search for all the history games that I have on - linked into any additional history games that others create using my programs.

This new system is based on the success of the new Walk the Plank menu system and will allow anyone quick and easy access to a vast array of free history games and quizzes.

As an additional bonus, I've also been able to develop a search-box that anyone will be able to put on their own webpage - allowing schools, teachers and even individuals to put a dynamic link to interactive history games. You just type in the topic and it directs to a page showing your games search results.

I'm currently adding all the game data to the new menu system, but you can test out the searchbox and interface below:

I'm also still working on the improvements to the GCSE area - more updates as soon as I have them!

In addition: the has continued to become even more popular so I am getting all my sites moved to a unique dedicated server in the near future. There should be little or no disruption at all - apart from the need to close the site forums for about 24 hours while all the settings are updated. More information about this soon. It will provide us with a massive increase in bandwidth, allowing a much improved service (and allowing me to upload more materials without the fear of being swamped with downloads).
Sunday 23rd January 2005

Flashpaper New Flashpaper resource - "Oliver Cromwell - hero or Villain?". Updated version of worksheet already in Year 8 section.

Friday 21st January 2005

Updated Walk the Plank menu system. You can now easily find all the available topics - search for topic, sort by chronology, age suitability, number of questions, alphabet, GCSE scheme. A vastly improved system that I plan to introduce to all the different games as they are updated. Please let me know what you think.

As all the games are updated a much improved system means games can be accessed far more quickly. You only need to load the game file once as the questions are loaded separately. This makes the games much faster for schools to access.

Uploaded further Walk the Plank games:

Just what do you know about the Romans? by Matthew and Mrs Sweet
The Rise of Adolf Hitler by Ms. Canal
Crime and Punishment - Prisons by Miss S Hartnett
Peter the Great by Mr J Barker

Thursday 20th January 2005

New version of the Walk the Plank game uploaded. As with the Penalty Shootout game, via my website you can generate your own versions of this game for a very small fee.

Uploaded one new Walk the Plank game:
World at War (1938-40) by Mrs O'Rourke

I'm currently updating the GCSE section to fit with the look of the rest of the site. This is taking some time as most of the links are now dead. Progress being made with the January plans.

Sunday 16th January 2005

Macromedia Flashpaper
Trial of an additional method of viewing online resources. Using Macromedia's 'Flashpaper'. The free .pdf documents will continue to be provided but some worksheets and resources will also be uploaded in Flashpaper format.

This format allows students (and anyone else!) to access the resource quickly and easily via their browser. The idea is to extend resources further so students researching topics for homework can access them without loading an Adobe Acrobat document. See the example page for the French Revolution, developed from two of Miss Lavelle's excellent worksheets.

Abobe Acrobat reader
As I'm building the new updated GCSE area (still in progress) and uploading new resources over the coming weeks I'm also updating and improving the downloadable .pdf documents to the latest version of Adobe Acrobat reader.

History Teachers' Discussion Forum
New look for the History Teachers' Discussion forum - new accessible homepage allowing you to find the areas of the forum that you are looking for. The new look has also been extended to the top of the forum, highlighting the many sites that support the forum. The full page listing these will appear very soon.

Watch the interactive Flash demonstration of how easy it is to take part in the History Teachers' Discussion forum. Watch and learn with the three minute online demonstration!

Sunday 02nd January 2005

Basic site updates - beginning of link checking and overdue updates to the GCSE section. This is being expanded and developed further over the coming months.

Through the development of my Interactive Diagram Generator all the available diagrams will also be fully updated to the latest version. Additional diagrams will, naturally, be uploaded for all to use.

I also plan to redevelop and improve many of the online lessons using the technologies I've developed in the past year. This will see the final release of 'interactivities' I've been slowly developing such as the open-ended Interactive Storyboards and other dynamic ICT-based learning resources.

I am also exploring a replacement search service for the site now that shows Google advertisements in the results. A replacement is currently being tested.

Finally an (again overdue) ongoing resources update is in progress with more resources for all key stages soon to appear.


On a more obvious somber note, everyone's thoughts are with the plight of all the victims of the terrible earthquake and tsunami - explore ways of making a donation.

Wednesday 15th December 2004

Just in time for the final days of term - a new version of the award-winning Santa Shootout. With Santa as the keeper, see how many goals you can score. With an immense variety of questions covering 'the History of Christmas' this is a great game for end of term activities.

Easy to remember link:

Saturday 27th November 2004

Updated the Teachers' Discussion forum to the latest version of the forum software. Includes various updates and bug fixes. I am still working towards implementing the more user-friendly (optional) index page that is currently being tested.

I've also nearly finished the new version of the Interactive Diagram. This makes the interactive diagrams much more usable, enabling students to customise their text fully. This will make them even more appropriate for note taking. As with the Penalty Shootout game, I will be releasing special software that anyone can use to instantly generate their own versions. See my forums for details.

Wednesday 25th November 2004

Site notice:

Please can people stop e-mailing me asking if this site is going pay-for.

What I have done is create a separate website called This will eventually sell Generate-your-own programs for all my games, quizzes and activities. I launched the site last month with the Penalty Shootout Generator. All profits from go to support my freely available educational websites. If you like the site and wish to support it, please consider submitting a resource to this site or purchasing the Penalty Shootout Generator from You'll soon be able to purchase my Interactive Diagram Generator too.


Two new Penalty Shootout games:

The Terrible Tudors by Broad Oak Year 8s
and James IV of Scotland by John Hardie

Saturday 13th November 2004

Brand new version of the Penalty Shootout game uploaded. This incredible new version includes a host of new features and is our best update yet. Via my new website you can generate your own versions of this game for a very small fee.

The update includes 25 new games that had been previously submitted. Please see the Penalty Shootout index page for more information.

As I am sure people are aware, the Penalty Shootout game is incredibly popular and it has been an immense struggle to keep up with the submitted games. My solution has been to develop a user friendly 'Penalty Shootout Generator' that enables people to generate their own game instantly, without the need to submit them to me.

Sunday 7th November 2004

New resources uploaded

Elizabeth I 'Blind Date' PowerPoint presentation, together with two accompanying resources - all by Ms. M. Davis

See Elizabeth I resources page for more.

Friday 5th November 2004

Apologies for delays - I am in the middle of upgrading the Penalty Shootout games to the new version and I will also upload the lesson materials from my demonstration workshop at the Sheffield Embedding ICT in History roadshow earlier this week.

The website is now up and running with the first version of the Penalty Shootout Generator. Read more about it on the site.

Saturday 23rd October 2004

Update 2 : Following discovery of many dead links, total rebuild of Year 8 / Year 9 Native American pages. Please continue to report dead links from pages and then I'll fix them as soon as possible.

Update 1
: Work on the redevelopment of the Penalty Shootout game and the Interactive Storyboards. Beta version of the new Penalty Shootout can be seen with this Mary Queen of Scots shootout.

Following feedback and requests I've been working on a new version of the Penalty Shootout game. I have also developed a new website that will allow people to download a program to instantly generate their own computer. More information to follow - but the website will be launched very soon.

Thursday 21st October 2004

Discussion forums both upgraded to the latest version of the software. Both the Teachers' Discussion Forum and the Students' History Help forum now run fully registered versions of InvisionBoard version 2.1.

Wednesday 6th October 2004

Mentoring PGCE Students
Seminar led by Sally Burnham on the Teachers' Discussion Forum

Wednesday 22nd September 2004

Active Learning Re-Visited
Seminar led by Ian Dawson and Dan Moorhouse on the Teachers' Discussion Forum...

My perception is that teachers are less afraid now - at Inset 10 years ago active learning ideas were received with deep suspicion. Nowadays I find that response much less common but there's still a need to help the new teacher and the old hand wavering on the brink. In such cases, hot-seating or some of the more adventurous role-plays such as 'je suis le roi' are too big a leap, so how can you get started gently on active learning?

Thursday 9th September 2004

Teaching Historical Skills to Year 7s
Seminar led by Neil McDonald on the Teachers' Discussion Forum

Thursday 26th August 2004

Three new Year 7 resources uploaded - more coming soon!

'What is History?' worksheets by Miss Boughey.
Tolland Man (source skills)

Tuesday 11th August 2004

Update 2: Now updated all Year 7 and Year 8 pages so resources are not downloaded dynamically. This means resources downloads cannot fail in the way they previously have over in the past one and a half days.

Please report any errors - I have checked all pages in Year 7 and Year 8 and they seem to work well.

Update 1: Dynamic areas of the site now work again. Our hosting providers came up with a temporary fix that has allowed the forums, resources and dynamic information (such as the number of current users etc.) to reappear.

Some areas of the site will may still experience difficulties, but most areas are now back to normal. Hurrah!

Monday 10th August 2004

Apologies - issues with server have meant some dynamic areas of the site have been down (resource downloads, forums, feedback forms, current user counter). The experts are working on this and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible (apart from for the individual who sent the unpleasant message - you know who you are!).

Friday 30th July 2004

Student History Help Forum upgraded. As with the Teachers' Discussion forum the history help forum now runs the latest version of the excellent Invision Board software.

Also updated the forum graphics as shown below. Feel free to use these on your own websites. Just right click and select 'save as' to copy the graphics.

Student History Help forum

Student History Help forum


Saturday 17th July 2004

History Teachers' Discussion forum now fully working again. Apologies for any errors or issues that you suffered. The discussion forum has been upgraded to the latest version of the forum software.

Uploaded new graphics for the brilliant redesign of the National Archives' Learning Curve. The site, well known for its excellent content, now has an accessible design allowing users to find exactly what they are looking for.

Even the URL is easier to remember -

Wednesday 15th July 2004

Richard Jones-Nerzic begins his online seminar about the use of digital video in the history classroom. Richard, head of humanities at the International School of Toulouse, will explain 'why, what and how' to make use of digital video.

This is just one of the History Teachers' Discussion Forum's seminars. Recent topics have included 'Effective use of Interactive Whiteboards' by Roy Huggins and the 'Role of Head of Department' by Dave Wallbanks. See the seminar area for a complete list of professional and helpful advice.

Thursday 8th July 2004

Added new section for my Year 9 students to research the Atomic Bomb. The associated lesson was filmed for an upcoming history and ICT CD-Rom produced by the DfES and the Historical Association. I will upload the full lesson over the summer holidays.

Also fixed some site errors - dead links and script errors.

Wednesday 30th June 2004

History Teachers' Discussion Forum is now open again with most of the upgrade complete.

Try it out!

Wednesday 30th June 2004

Upgrade for Teachers' Discussion Forum software. As the forum is upgraded errors messages will occur. Sorry for any inconvenience. The forum is - and will be - worked on until it is fully upgraded and working again.

The upgrade is being done by the forum support people - so the experts have the job in hand.

This is a major forum upgrade, going to the latest version of the marvellous Invision Power Board.

More information will be added as it is available. Apologies!

Sunday 6th June 2004

D-Day memorial links page added for student research

Tuesday 1st June 2004

History Teachers' Discussion Forum gets its 1000th member!

Friday 7nd May 2004

More interactive revision diagrams uploaded:

Russia / USSR
Khrushchev's Soviet Union by Mr Giles

USA Divided Union / SuperPower Relations
Why did the USA get involved in Vietnam? by Mr Giles
What was the impact of Vietnam for both the USA and Vietnam? by Mr Giles

Wednesday 5nd May 2004

Additional interactive diagram:

Russia / USSR
Impact of Gorbachev by Mr Giles

Sunday 2nd May 2004

smilieApologies for recent issues with the site - the popular site forums have been down and the feedback page hasn't been working. Both issues are now fixed (hopefully!) and occured because of the server move by our hosts. Consider it the 'ironing out' time.

New content now finally added:

Additional interactive diagrams online

USA Divided Union (1941-80)
New Frontier and Great Society by Mr Field

Russia / USSR
Overview of Russia 1914-1917 by David Crowe
How did WWI cause the first revolution? by David Crowe
Who ruled Russia after the Tsar? by Miss C Andrew
The Russian Civil War by Ms Hutchinson
Stalin's Economic Policy by Mr Giles

Friday 23rd April 2004

Site server move now complete

The server move by our hosts has now been completed. Aside from a number of minor issues, this appears to have been remarkably successful.

This will allow the new content and materials to be uploaded this weekend. Watch this space!

Tuesday 20th April 2004

Site forums temporarily closed from 8pm this evening

As before (see below) our hosts,, are moving the server where is based. This should see a noticable increase in speed and reliablity, but will cause some problems during change-over.

Apologies for any issues. Further updates being prepared for after the server changeover.

Monday 5th April 2004

Unfortunately the site wasn't moved to its new server yesterday, so the forums have now been reopened. They will still need to be closed in the near future - but this page will be updated with information.

Monday 5th April 2004

Site forums temporarily closed from 11am today

Our hosts,, are moving the server where is based. This should see a noticable increase in speed and reliablity, but will cause some problems during change-over.

Sunday 4rd April 2004

Positive review - 5 stars in the Sunday Times

Pleasingly - even before the new version of the revision section is opened - the site has been praised in the Sunday Times with a maximum five stars:

When it comes to revision, you need a site that holds your interest, and this one aims to do so with the great subject of history. Even the most science-biased student will feast on its lessons, featuring topics such as the cold war, America and the Schlieffen Plan.

Revision at School History involves more than skimming: plenty of activities pin you down and need careful attention. As well as long-answer and multiple-choice questions, it has a spread of quiz-style games such as Hangman and a penalty shoot-out that keeps the Battle of Hastings in mind.

Interactive diagrams, where you fill in a topic map about the first world war, for example, are also helpful, extracting knowledge about troop recruitment or conditions in the trenches. You are given headings and clues to peek at, and although the exercise is difficult, it is a good learning tool.

A recent redesign has made the site easier to navigate, but what is not new is a sincere desire to promote the subject.

See the mention on the Sunday Times site.

Saturday 3rd April 2004

New GCSE and Standard Grade revision forum open

This is a new Revision forum which will be available during the exam revision period. We welcome posts from GCSE and Standard Grade students preparing for their exams.

You can post questions which puzzle you while you are revising or you suddenly realise you don't know. This isn't a debating forum though - it is for short, effective answers to help you do your best in your exams.

Good luck cool.gif and tell your friends!

This is part of the improvements to the revision section.

Sunday 28th March 2004

New interactive diagrams online

The interactive diagrams page has now been updated with 105 diagrams covering a vast range of topics. Ideal for revision of key points. If you are a teacher, please contact the site to create diagrams for your topics.

This is part of the improvements to the revision section.

Weimar and Nazi Germany
Germany at the end of WWI by David Bartlett
What problems did the new Weimar government face? by Mrs Gray
How did Hitler take control of Germany 1933-1934? by M Richardson

Russia / USSR
Why did the October / November 1917 revolution succeed? by David Crowe

Crime and Punishment
What were the key turning-points? by Mr. Ahrenfelt
Why did people smuggle? by David Bartlett
What was the impact of the Suffragettes? by Miss D Simpson
What happened during the General Strike of 1926? by Miss D Simpson

KS3 (11-13 year agegroup) topics
How accurate is the stereotype of the Native Americans? by Mr A J Field
Who had the rightful claim to the throne in 1066? by Mr A J Field
How were the Romans successful Empire builders? by Miss L Witts

Sunday 21st March 2004

Causes of the English Civil War I by Miss Buxton

Penalty Shootout
Kennedy's new frontier and Johnson's great society

Saturday 20th March 2004

New game topics uploaded

Noughts and Crosses
Henry and the Break with Rome by Mr McDonald

Britain's role in World War I by Miss Buxton
World War II by Sue Wood -Coopers school
Industrial Revolution by Sue Wood - Coopers school
Ireland, 1850-1914 by C. Thompson
Ireland, 1800-1850 by C. Thompson
The Black Death by Ms Ali

Penalty Shootout
The Tudors by Bennerley School History Club
The Great Fire of London by Miss J Topham
Black Death by Miss J Topham
Industrial Revolution child labour by Sue Wood - Coopers school

Thursday 11th March 2004

Site bandwidth increased to 140Gig a month

In response to increased demand, the available bandwidth for the site has been increased to 140Gig per month. Available bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be downloaded from the site.

As can be read (if you need to good snooze) on the server status page, the bandwidth demand for the site has increased dramatically. So far this month, 45Gig of data has been transferred - hence the need to increase!

Major update to History Quizzes section

Update and tidy up of all the available quizzes - fixing and updating links across the site. There are now five different types of interactive quiz, with a new quiz soon to be launched.

New homepages have been created to allow easer access to all the topics.

Multiple Choice quizzes - 24 topics
Match-up quizzes - 45 topics
Historical Pairs quizzes - 8 topics
Interactive Wordsearches - 13 topics
Sliding Historical Puzzles - 3 topics (with two versions of each)

Saturday 6th March 2004

Historical Pairs

Update to Historical Pairs game. Four additional topics added - Boudica, Hereward the Wake, Cromwell and Nelson. This is part of the "Local Heroes?" project that I have been developing with for the the East of England Broadband Consortium. More details will be released when the project is complete.

Wednesday 3rd March 2004

Why was Versailles so significant?

Page summarising "Why was the treaty of Versailles so signifcant?" added. Information page designed to help Year 9 students develop an overview of the impact of the treaty in relation to Hitler's rise to power.

Tuesday 2nd March 2004

Updates - redesign

This page offers a brief summary of the latest updates to the site. First launched in June 2000, the site is updated as often as possible. However, for the past six months a major restructuring and rebuild has been taking place. This has involved more development behind the scenes such as the transfer to an even more advanced server and a total redesign of the site. Much of the redesign is still in progress.

However, I am now focusing more on updating content and completing developments that have been ongoing. Many areas have been undergoing development and some exciting additions are soon to be unveiled!

Recent updates include:

Interactive timelines

New interactive timelines for Year 7 and Year 8 pages - visual and chronological way of viewing and selecting topics. These will be developed for other yeargroup pages in the near future.

New yeargroup pages - Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. Faster loading, accessible pages as part of the total redevelopment of the site. Pages that took more that 30 seconds to load with the old design, now take under 10 seconds. Part of this design means that the text loads instantly, so users can click on options even while the page is loading.

Walk the Plank

New Walk the Plank game - recode and redesign offering additional options such as the ability to design the teacher victim. Walk the Plank index page also shows a new Flash-based index system that helps users select the topics they are looking for.

In addition

There has been so much over the last few months - new games such as Noughts and Crosses, new version of Penalty Shootout. You should also consult the 2003-04 redesign page for an overview of why has been redesigned.
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