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 General History Links
This page provides links to general history sites or gateways to further research.

Have a good look through this page, every one of these sites is worth far more than a few minutes of your time.

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BBC History A wide ranging history resource, that provides many excellent internal and external links and activities.  Constantly changing and developing.  Some splendid recent additions including much much suitable for student research. 
The Learning Curve This is the excellent educational site of the Public Record Office.  Without a doubt a site to visit frequently as it grows.  Superb material ideal for online lessons with exhibitions, 'focus on' investigations and snapshots.
Google History disabled A directory listing of the most popular history sites on the internet.  Carefully organised into useful subject areas.  An excellent place to begin research.
Spartacus Educational A splendid collection of resources and links related to history teaching.  Based in the UK, probably the most useful secondary school history site.  Huge range of useful and specific information. Outstanding. 

Humbul Humanities Hub

A really professionally designed and produced site for higher and further education.  An excellent choice to find quality online materials - specifically the history section.

History Mole

Excellent and comprehensive site offering 'history through timelines'.  Events from the last 2000 years with links to many other detailed sources.  Subscription based beyond generous initial use.   
Modern History Sourcebook An extensive list of sources and links for modern history.  Excellent for research and source analysis.  Includes guides on using sources correctly. 
Medieval History Sourcebook An extensive list of sources and links for medieval history.  As with the previous link, this site provides excellent links for research and source analysis. 
Institute of Historical Research A history gateway to the internet.  Established in 1993, it catalogues and evaluates on-line historical resources.  The powerful historical search is extremely effective. 
History of the United Kingdom - primary documents A tremendous collection of primary source material.  Begins with prehistoric monuments and ends with material such as the Scotland Act (creating a devolved parliament in 1999).  First class.
History House Collection of stories and tales relating to the more gruesome and exciting aspects of history!  Adds interesting detail to many well known events of the past.
History Beat Historical timelines with links all over the internet.  Detailed and useful guides to the two World Wars.  In addition to these, almost all aspects of world history are covered - truly awesome!  
The History Channel The internet site of the satellite and cable television channel.  Plenty of resources and information, together with a useful history search option and the weird yet wonderful quiz.

Kids British History

A well organised and professional site that is part of Suite101.  As well as useful links and help, the frequent and interesting articles are really worthwhile. 
World History Compass A particularly useful collection of links to all aspects of history.  Clear and quick page loads allow easy and instant access to a wide variety of historical links.
History wizard
A wide ranging and useful resource.  The links are organised into many different categories, including time period, place, resource and topic.  Well worth a detailed examination.   


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