What was life like before the French Revolution


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Lesson Outcomes:

All students will investigate what life was like for members of the Three Estates prior to the French Revolution.

Lesson Snapshot:

Today we believe in a system where everyone is treated equally by the law. The French people were not just unhappy with King Louis XVI. Many were also unhappy with the class system in France. This class system was called the ‘Estate System’ and had three classes with Louis XVI at the top. Each estate had its own place in France.


Use the information above to complete the tasks below in your exercise book.

  • Copy the ‘Estate System’ diagram into your exercise book.
  • Write one sentence explaining who you think was at the top of the ‘Estate System’?
  • Use the ‘Estate System’ diagram to complete the chart that you have been given and
    then stick it into your exercise book.

Worksheet Task:

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