Jewish and Huguenot Fact Files


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Jewish Fact File

The French Jewish immigrants in London tended to settle in the East End of London and by the eighteenth century there was a growing Jewish community there.

They had a economic impact on the community because they became market sellers, store owners, money lenders, fruit sellers and provided other essential services during the Industrial Revolution.

They made a vital contribution to the growth of the British Empire but were not always liked because Jews often appeared richer than the people around them

Huguenot Fact File

During the 17th and 18th centuries many French Protestants fled from France because they were treated badly by the Catholic Church and monarchy. They settled in the East End of London.

Many Huguenots became silversmiths or brought their silk and watchmaking skills to the British public. These goods could be sold around the world. Many Huguenot families became involved in British banking and helped to further finance the British Empire.

They were welcomed into London life and quickly established themselves as hardworking members of the community.

Worksheet Task:

  • Using the Fact Files on Jewish and Huguenot immigrants make a list of five positive impacts these immigrant communities had. Then, in pairs, discuss any reasons why some might have seen the arrival of these immigrants in a negative way.