Napoleon’s rise to power Worksheet


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Lesson Snapshot:

  • Napoleon Bonaparte was born at Ajaccio on 15 August 1769
  • After the Terror ended in 1794 politicians tried to find a government that everyone would accept
  • In October 1799, members of the French government asked Napoleon to return to Paris and set up a new, stronger government
  • On 9 November 1799, Napoleon Bonaparte took over the country by force and in 1804 he made himself Emperor of France

Worksheet Task:

  • Aimed at Students studying across AS/A2 Level or equivalent
  • Premium resource
  • To develop an appreciation of why the French politicians were looking for an alternative leader by 1799
  • To understand what the term coup d’etat means
  • Use as you wish in the classroom or home environment
  • Use with other French Revolution History Lessons & Resources
  • Includes challenging tasks