Third Estate Tennis Court Oath Flow Chart Task


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Lesson Snapshot:

As we have already seen the Third Estate was very unhappy with the way things were in France. In June 1789 they met and swore an oath, which many people believe was the beginning of the Revolution. What had happened to make them do this?

Below are 11 steps that led to the Tennis Court Oath being sworn. They are jumbled up. Write them in a flow chart in your copybooks to show why the Tennis Court Oath was sworn.

  • The next day Louis shut them out of their meeting hall.
  • On 2nd May Louis met the representatives of the Third Estate.
  • Louis had to call a meeting of the Estates general to get an agreement on the new taxes.
  • The King was very short of money.
  • The idea was also rejected by the Paris Parliament- they were judges who could agree
    or disagree with new laws.
  • They went to a nearby tennis court and swore an oath to keep meting until the King agreed to their demands.
  • The finance minister suggested a new tax, where the rich paid the most.
  • The Third Estate demanded a new constitution and more involvement by the Third
  • Estate in the running of the country.
  • On 17th July the 3rd Estate changed its name to the National Assembly.
  • The ides was rejected by the Assembly of Notables.
  • Louis didn’t listen to them.

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