Elizabeth I and Tudor Religion Revision Lesson (Preview)

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There are three main parts to this lesson. If you have already completed part of the lesson, jump ahead using the links below:

The changes in Tudor Religion
Roller coaster animation followed by assessment quiz.

The Elizabethan Religious Settlement
Drag and drop exercise analysing the settlement.

How fair was the Elizabethan Religious Settlement?
Extended writing conclusion exercise.

The changes in Tudor religion

Religion was a great problem for the Tudors.

When Henry VIII came to the throne, England was Catholic. Henry VIII changed the church so he could grant himself a divorce and marry Anne Boleyn – because he wanted a son so much. Henry started the Protestant church in England, known as the Henrician Reformation.

When Henry died in 1547, his son, Edward VI became King. He was a strong Protestant.

When Edward VI died, Mary became Queen. She was a very strong Catholic – so changed religion back again.

Elizabeth tried to find a balance between the two religions, hoping to stop the problems that religion had caused England. As she tried to find a solution, this is often known as ‘a middle way’.

So, there were many changes, back and forth…

Some historians have commented how there were major changes in the church in Tudor times. Each new monarch made changes – one year England would be Protestant, the next year Catholic.

Some historians now think that for the normal people there weren’t that many changes – but those who believed really strongly in their religion, such as Puritans (strong Protestants) and strong Catholics, there were serious arguments.

One way to remember the changes is to imagine a roller coaster…

The Elizabethan Religious Settlement

How fair was the Elizabethan Religious Settlement?

You are going to use the information from this lesson so far to construct and essay. Part of the writing has been done for you – all you have to do is follow the instructions to complete the essay using your own ideas and explanation.

Click on the button below to load the essay plan.

Tudor Religion Quiz

Take the religion quiz below to test your knowledge.

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