Campaign for the Crown of England in 1066


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Lesson Plan:

    • Aimed at Students studying at UK Year 7 or equivalent
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    • Group Task

Today when politicians want to elected they set up a campaign team and make themselves known to the people who will hopefully vote for them (the electorate). Imagine that yoWuharte one of the claimants to the throne in 1066 and you have to be elected.

You will be required to give a two-minute speech at a special pre-election meeting (a hustings). In your speech you need to include the following:
Why you think you are the best candidate for the job of King of England – your personal skills and characteristics

The strength of your claim or blood link.
The weaknesses of the opponents.

You may want to design the following to increase your popularity with voters and get your message across during your election campaign:
Flyers (leaflets)
Rosettes or badges with ‘catchy’ election slogans
A campaign song or chant
A guest speaker (someone from history who would have known your claimant)