King John Versus the Barons


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Lesson Objectives:

  • To understand the reasons for King John’s unpopularity.
  • To learn how to use evidence to support statements in a written summary.
  • To learn about the long term significance’s of the Magna Carta

Lesson Snapshot:

King John was the son of Henry II and the brother of Richard the Lionheart. He was unlucky because by the time that he became king in 1199, his older brother had spent nearly all of the Crown’s money fighting the crusades abroad.

John didn’t make things any easier for himself though and he made mistakes that made many people turn against him.

Powerpoint Lesson Plan:

  • Aimed at Students studying across UK Year 7,8 & 9 or equivalent
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  • Structured powerpoint presentation and challenging tasks.
  • Complete lesson plan on King John vs the Barons.