Historical Debate on Bismarck Source Analysis Worksheet


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Lesson Snapshot & Task:

The following views reflect the difference of opinion concerning Bismarck’s foreign policy that exists among historians. Source 1 outlines that difference of opinion. Sources 2, 3 and 4 take a balanced view of his foreign policy observing both his finesse and unfortunate harvest gleaned from such a policy. Source 5 clearly puts the blame on Bismarck for the problems that arose after his departure.

1. What is meant by the ‘balance of power’ in Source 1?
2. What is meant by ‘dishonest jugglery’ in Source 1?
3. Why did Bismarck’s alliance system make war a perilous undertaking? (Source 2)
4. What does Craig mean by the ‘germs of future trouble’? (Source 3)
5. How did Bismarck upset the balance of power? (Source 4)
6. Why was European diplomacy like walking a tightrope? (Source 4)
7. In what way did Bismarck set the tone for the deteriorating quality of diplomacy in
Europe? (Source 5)

Source Analysis Worksheet Task:

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