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Lesson Snapshot:

  • There were some attempts to improve Public Health in the Victorian era.
  • There was a built in resistance to government interference though!
  • By 1870 local government was taking responsibility for street cleaning and lighting.
  • In 1871 the Royal Commission on sanitary matters recommended that ‘the present fragmentary and confused sanitary laws should be made uniform’. This cause the Local Government to be set up.
  • In 1866 a cholera outbreak claimed the lives of 20,000 people in Great Britain.
  • Smallpox and TB also claimed many lives in that year.
  • The government passed the Sanitation Act in 1866 to try and improve public health which forced sanitary regulations in factories.
  • Gladstone’s Public Health Act of 1872 established Urban and Rural Sanitary Authorities.
  • These were not well funded so were not a great success.
  • They had no medical officers in charge of them.

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