What Did Hitler Promise Germany to Come to Power?


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Hitler promised strong government. Hitler, like many other groups believed that the Weimar Republic was weak. Hitler promised to get rid of the Treaty of Versailles by taking back land and re-arming. Hitler’s propaganda made people believe that the Weimar politicians had stabbed Germany in the back in 1918.

Hitler appealed to all classes:
JUNKERS (aristocrats) – feared Communism and wanted re-armament. Hitler promised both.
MIDDLE CLASS – wanted law and order and feared communism.
WORKING CLASS – wanted jobs. Hitler promised to end unemployment.
CHURCH – supported Hitler because Communists were atheist.

Hitler began his rise to power in 1923 when he attempted the Munich Putsch. Although his attempt failed he used his trial to gain publicity. In prison he wrote Mein Kampf setting out his ideas. More importantly, he changed his ideas about how to gain power. He decided to take power legally, using the democratic system, which he then planned to destroy.

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