Why was the Treaty of Versailles needed in 1918


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Lesson Snapshot:

  • The Great War (1914-1918) was the worst war the world had ever witnessed.
  • Over 10 million soldiers and civilians had lost their lives.
  • Huge areas of land in France and Belgium had been completely destroyed.
  • The nightmare of the Western Front was fresh in people’s minds.
  • Germany was forced to sign an Armistice (ceasefire) In November 1918 as they could not continue fighting.
  • The Weimar Republic signed the ceasefire but most ordinary Germans believed that the war was over but not that they had surrendered or lost.
  • In January 1919, representatives from 32 countries met at the Palace of Versailles, near Paris, to sign treaties to end the war but ‘losing’ countries, including Germany, were not invited.
  • This became known as the Versailles Conference.

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