William Huskisson


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Lesson Plan Snapshot:

Huskisson’s Philosophy and Aims at the Board of Trade:
He declared the need for ‘a full & complete revision of our commercial system`. Huskisson was able to reform Britain’s economic policies towards trade & shipping because it was a time of relative prosperity in Great Britain & the economy was prospering.

Huskisson was a strong supporter of free trade in Great Britain. He believed that the more countries in Europe & the world who traded with each other the richer they would all become. Free trade would provide the opportunity for British businessmen to undersell their rivals both home & abroad (at this time Great Britain was producing more goods than any other country). This would ease manufacturers out of an economic depression, create greater employment & encourage upcoming & existing entrepreneurs to search for new markets abroad.

Huskisson followed in the footsteps of the free trade philosopher, Adam Smith.
Huskisson’s view reflected the ideas & opinions of the industrialists & merchants of the time. The industrialists of London, Glasgow & Manchester petitioned the government for free trade in 1820.

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