Work and Success of the UN


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The aims of the UN were stated in the UN Charter of June 1945:

  • To encourage peace and avoid war.
  • To develop international co-operation.
  • To encourage economic and social progress.
  • To promote respect for Human Rights.

The UN has not been very successful in peace keeping. The Security Council has been stopped from taking firm action because of the right of veto held by permanent members and the Cold War conflict between the USA and the USSR.

Successful Areas:
In addition to peacekeeping the UN has run a number of organisations to ensure economic and social progress and deal with a whole range of global issues. This aspect of the work of the UN has been more successful than the peacekeeping activities. The organisations include:

  • UNESCO –United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
  • UNICEF –United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
  • ILO – International Labour Organisation
  • WHO – World Health Organisation
  • UNHCR – the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

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