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Component 3: World Depth study, Living under Nazi Rule, 1933–1945

What students need to learn:

  • Dictatorship
    • Hitler and the Nazi Party in January 1933
    • Establishing the dictatorship, January 1933 to July 1933
    • Achieving total power, July 1933 to August 1934 
  • Control and Opposition, 1933–1939
    • The machinery of terror including the SS, the law courts, concentration camps and the Gestapo
    • The range and effectiveness of Nazi propaganda
    • Opposition to Nazi rule including the Left, church leaders and youth groups Changing Lives, 1933–1939
  • Work and home: the impact of Nazi policies on men and women
    • The lives of young people in Nazi Germany including education and youth movements
    • Nazi racial policy: the growing persecution of Jews 
  • Germany in War
    • The move to a war economy and its impact on the German people, 1939–1942
    • Growing opposition from the German people including from elements within the army
    • The impact of total war on the German people, 1943–1945 
  • Occupation
    • The contrasting nature of Nazi rule in eastern and western Europe
    • The Holocaust, including the Einsatzgruppen, ghettos and the death camps
    • Responses to Nazi rule: collaboration, accommodation and resistance

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