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Component 1: Thematic study, Migrants to Britain, c.1250 to present

What students need to learn:

  • Medieval Britain c.1250–c.1500
    • The characteristic features of medieval Britain: an overview
    • Jewish communities and their expulsion from England in 1290
    • The diversity of migrant communities, including Dutch, Flemish and other European migrants
    • Attitudes towards migrants: official and unofficial responses 
  • Early Modern Britain c.1500–c.1750
    • The European Reformation and the growth in world trade: an overview
    • Protestant refugees including Huguenots and Palatines
    • The diversity of other European migrants including Jews and Gypsies
    • Early African and Indian migrants to Britain including free Africans, ayahs and child servants 
  • Industrial and Imperial Britain c.1750–c.1900
    • Industrialisation and the growth of empire: an overview
    • Large-scale migration from Ireland and the growth of Irish communities
    • Lascars and the growth of Indian, Chinese and African communities
    • The diversity of European migrants including Italians and Eastern European Jews 
  • Britain since c.1900
    • World wars, the end of empire and Britain’s changing relationship with Europe and the wider world: an overview
    • ‘Aliens’ and refugees during the First and Second World Wars including attacks on ‘enemy aliens’, internment camps and the Kindertransport
    • Commonwealth migrants since the Second World War, including immigration legislation, racist and anti-racist movements
    • Economic migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers since the 1980s

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