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Component 1: British Depth study, The Elizabethans, 1580–1603

What students need to learn:

  • Elizabeth and government - Issue: The power of the queen 
    • Elizabeth and her court: patronage, the Privy Council and the rebellion of the Earl of Essex 
    • Elizabeth and her parliaments including opposition from Puritans 
    • Elizabeth and her people including local government and propaganda 
  • Catholics - Issue: The nature and extent of a Catholic threat
    • The enforcement of Elizabeth’s religious settlement after 1580
    • Catholic links abroad, plots against Elizabeth, and the Elizabethan spy network
    • Mary Queen of Scots, the Armada and war with Spain 
  • Daily lives - Issue: The nature and dynamics of Elizabethan society 
    • The contrasting lives of rich, middling and poor Elizabethans 
    • Family life: husbands and wives, parents and children, wider kinship
    • Poverty: its causes, Elizabethan explanations and responses 
  • Popular culture Issue: “Merry England”?
    • Theatres and their opponents
    • The Puritan attack on popular pastimes
    • The persecution of witches 
  • The wider world Issue: The nature and significance of England’s connections with the wider world
    • Imperial ambition: the motives and achievements of Elizabethan adventurers
      Roanoke: England’s attempt at an American colony
    • Trade with the east, including first contacts with India

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