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Component 3: World Depth study, The First Crusade, c.1070–1100

What students need to learn:

  • Origins c.1070–1095
    • The Islamic world, including its diversity and its relations with Christians
    • Pressures on the Byzantine Empire
    • Latin Christendom and the power of the papacy 
  • Responses November 1095 to December 1096
    • Urban II and the preaching of the First Crusade 
    • Joining the First Crusade: who went and why
    • The People’s Crusade and the challenges it faced Into Asia Minor 
  • Into Asia Minor December 1096 to October 1097
    • Alexios I and his negotiations with the crusade leaders
    • The siege of Nicaea and the Battle of Dorylaeum: the nature of Christian and Muslim warfare
    • The journey across Asia Minor: physical challenges and disunity among the leadership 
  • Antioch October 1097 to June 1098
    • The siege by the crusaders
    • The capture of Antioch: rivalries, strategies and atrocities
    • The events of June and the defeat of Kerbogha 
  • Jerusalem July 1098 to July 1100
    • Disputes, delays and the journey to Jerusalem
    • The capture of Jerusalem: preparations, tactics and the sack of the city
    • The establishment of the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Muslim response

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