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Component 3: Period study, The Making of America, 1789–1900

What students need to learn:

  • America’s expansion 1789–1838
    • How and why the USA expanded, from 1789 to 1838
    • The expansion of southern cotton plantations and of slavery, 1793–1838
    • The removal of indigenous people from the east, 1830–1838 
  • The West 1839–1860
    • The culture of the Plains Indians including a case study of the Lakota Sioux
    • The journeys of the early migrants to California and Oregon; the Mormon settlement of Utah
    • The nature and impact of the Californian Gold Rush (1848–1849) and the consequences of the Pikes Peak Gold Rush (1858–1859)
  • Civil War and Reconstruction 1861–1877
    • Divisions over slavery and the causes of the Civil War
    • The African American experience of the Civil War, 1861–1865
    • Reconstruction and continuing limitations to African American liberty 
  • Settlement and conflict on the Plains 1861–1877
    • The causes and nature of white American exploitation of the Plains: railroads, ranches and cow towns
    • Homesteaders: living and farming on the Plains
    • The Indian Wars including Little Crow’s War (1862), Red Cloud’s War (1865–1868) and the Great Sioux War (1876–1877) 
  • American cultures 1877–1900
    • Changes to the Plains Indians’ way of life including the impact of reservations and the destruction of the buffalo
    • The impact of economic, social and political change on the lives of African Americans
    • The growth of big business, cities and mass migration

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