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Component 1: British Depth study, The Norman Conquest, 1065–1087

What students need to learn:

  • England on the eve of the conquest - Issue: The character of late Anglo-Saxon England 
    • The nature, structure and diversity of late Anglo-Saxon society
    • Religion in late Anglo-Saxon England
    • Anglo-Saxon culture: buildings, art and literature 
  • Invasion and victory - Issue: How and why William of Normandy became King of England in 1066
    • Norman society, culture and warfare pre-1066
    • The succession crisis of 1066
    • The battles of Fulford, Stamford Bridge and Hastings Resistance and response Issue: The establishment of Norman rule between 1067 and 1071
    • First uprisings against Norman rule including resistance in the west and in Mercia 
    • Northern resistance and William’s ‘Harrying of the North’
    • The rebellion of Hereward in the east and the end of English resistance 
  • Castles - Issue: The nature and purpose of Norman castles in England to 1087
    • Pre-conquest fortifications and the first Norman castles in England 
    • The distribution and design of Norman castles in England to 1087 
    • The purpose of Norman castles in England including their military and economic functions 
  • Conquest and control Issue: The impact of the Norman Conquest on English society to 1087 
    • Domesday Book, its creation and purpose 
    • The social structure of Norman England including changes in land ownership and the elite 
    • Changes and continuities: language, laws and Church

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