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Component 1: Thematic study, The People’s Health, c.1250 to present

What students need to learn:

  • Medieval Britain c.1250–c.1500
    • The characteristic features of medieval Britain: an overview
    • Living conditions: housing, food, clean water and waste. 
    • Responses to the Black Death: beliefs and actions 
    • Approaches to public health in late-medieval towns and monasteries 
  • Early Modern Britain c.1500–c.1750
    • Cultural, social and economic change including the growth of towns: an overview 
    • Changing living conditions: housing, food, clean water and waste 
    • Responses to outbreaks of plague including national plague orders and local reactions 
    • The impact of local and national government on public health including measures to improve the urban environment and the government response to the gin craze, 1660–1751 
  • Industrial Britain, c.1750–c.1900
    • Industrialisation, the growth of major cities and political change: an overview 
    • Urban living conditions in the early nineteenth century: housing, food, clean water and waste
    • Responses to cholera epidemics
    • Public health reform in the nineteenth century including the Public Health Acts and local initiatives 
  • Britain since c. 1900
    • Economic, political, social and cultural change: an overview
    • Living conditions and lifestyles: housing, food, air quality and inactivity
    • Responses to Spanish Influenza and AIDS
    • Growing government involvement in public health including pollution controls, anti-smoking initiatives and the promotion of healthy lifestyles

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