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Component 3: Period study, Viking Expansion, c.750–c.1050

What students need to learn:

  • Homelands 
    • The Vikings in Scandinavia: landscape, society and everyday life 
    • Viking ships, seafaring and trade c.750
    • Viking beliefs and rituals 
  • Volga Vikings
    • The changing nature of Viking (Rus) trade and settlement in Russia from c.750
    • The nature of Viking trade and interaction with the Arab world
    • Viking relations with Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire 
  • Raiders and Invaders 
    • The nature and causes of Viking raids in Britain, Ireland, the Scottish Islands and France, 793–850
    • The nature of Viking warfare: warships, warriors and tactics
    • The ‘great heathen army’ in England and the establishment of Danelaw, 865–879 
  • Settlers
    • The nature and extent of Viking settlement in the British Isles and France
    • Viking life in Jorvik
    • The nature and extent of Viking settlement across the Atlantic including Iceland, Greenland and North America 
  • Kings
    • Harald Bluetooth, Jelling and the conversion of the Vikings to Christianity
    • Svein Forkbeard and his invasions of England
    • Cnut’s Anglo-Scandinavian Empire, 1016–1035

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