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This page provides links to historical and educational organisations.

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Neale-Wade website
The Neale-Wade Community College website.  Currently being constructed, but it's possible to see a sign of what is to come. More updates to appear soon.
National Grid for Learning A collection of resources and links provided by the UK Government.  Greatly underused, the site provides historical discussion areas to share ideas, ICT links and suggestions and much more...
National Curriculum The complete National Curriculum for England in a web-based format.  This latest edition provides useful suggestions and links to assist teachers.
DfEE Standards Site Quite a remarkable site, of immense use for teachers.  The site provides suggested schemes of work to tie in with the National Curriculum.  Extremely useful with good detail.
Times Educational Supplement The web version of the teacher's newspaper, that provides a useful archive for searching past editions, as well as up to date educational links and discussions. 
The Teachers Online Project A really useful government run site for teachers.  The discussion forum together with the listings for educational projects and sponsorships are worth a detailed look.
BECTa British Educational Communications and Technology agency.  Despite the title being a mouthful, this clearly designed site provides useful links for the use of ICT in education.
UCAS The Universities and Colleges Admission Service - the central organisation through which all higher education applications are processed.  Useful information on the site. 
Exam Boards Links to the major examination boards, allowing you to view and download syllabus information.
QCA Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
AQA AQA (AEB/SEG, City & Guilds, NEAB)
EdExcel EdExcel (ULEAC, BTEC)
OCR OCR (Oxford, Cambridge, RSA)
WJEC WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee)
Office for Standards in Education The Ofsted site - providing details and information about aims and objectives for inspections. 
Qualifications and Curriculum Authority The Internet site for QCA, presenting information about the current structure for qualifications and assessment in academic and vocational subjects.



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