Spanish Armada Revision Lesson Quiz

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  1. During which month were many Spanish ships wrecked off the coasts of Scotland and Ireland?1
  2. Why did the Elizabethan Religious settlement annoy Philip?1
  3. What did the English do to while the Armada was at anchor?1
  4. Where did Spain have colonies?1
  5. Why was it dangerous to sail north around Scotland back to Spain?1
  6. What did Elizabeth do in 1585?1
  7. What was the Spanish reaction to the English attack?1
  8. What exact date did the Armada set sail from Spain?1
  9. In which area was the main English strength?1
  10. What did Elizabeth encourage sailors such as Sir Francis Drake to do?1
  11. When did Philip II offer Elizabeth I the chance to marry him?1
  12. Which French town did the Armada anchor near?1
  13. What happened to these soldiers?1
  14. Whose death warrant did Elizabeth sign in 1587?1
  15. The Armada then went north – why didn’t they just turn round and go back to Spain through the Channel?1
  16. What was Philip always willing to do, offering money and troops if needed?1
  17. Who was the leader of Spain?1
  18. What has been the Spanish plan relating to their soldiers?1
  19. Why would it be wrong to say one thing caused the war between England and Spain?1
  20. Why did Elizabeth secretly help revolts in the Netherlands against Philip II?1
  21. How much of the Armada returned home?1
  22. In which area was the main Spanish strength?1
  23. What religion was Philip II?1
  24. The threat of France had normally meant England and Spain did not fight each other – why was France not a problem?1
  25. Near where was there an encounter, if not a battle, between the Spanish and English fleets?1
  26. How many soldiers did the Spanish plan to invade with?1
  27. How many warships was the Spanish Armada composed of?1
  28. Which English Queen had Philip II been married to?1

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