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We add dozens of new worksheets and materials for history teachers every month. Below are the latest materials published to the site.

Ancient Greece Penalty Shootout Game

Parliamentary Reform 1830-1931 Duckshoot Game

Napoleon Hoopshoot Game

Ancient Medicine Walk the Plank Game

1066: Claims to the Throne Walk the Plank Game

World War I Review Walk the Plank Game

American Civil War Fling the Teacher Game

Medieval Realms 1066-1500 Penalty Shootout Game

The Black Death Hangman Game

The Weimar Republic Hangman Game

1066: Claimants to the Throne Hoopshoot Game

The Battle of Hastings Penalty Shootout Game

USA 1919-1942 Fling the Teacher Game

The Normans Walk the Plank Game

Scotland in the Middle Ages Walk the Plank Game

Medicine: Infectious Diseases Fling the Teacher Game

The Aztecs Fling the Teacher Game

The History of Folkstone Walk the Plank Game

Hitler’s Rise to Power Walk the Plank Game

The Tudors Hangman Game

Ancient Egypt Walk the Plank Game

Voyages of Discovery Walk the Plank Game

Kennedy’s New Frontier and Johnson’s Great Society Penalty Shootout Game

Cold War Fling the Teacher Game

Night of the Long Knives Noughts and Crosses Game

The Romans 2 Walk the Plank Game

William Pitt the Younger Fling the Teacher Game

Black Peoples of America Fling the Teacher Game

Origins of World War I Fling the Teacher Game

The Romans Walk the Plank Game

Claims to the Throne in 1066 Walk the Plank Game

French Revolution Fling the Teacher Game

Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots Penalty Shootout Game

SuperPower Relations Grade or No Grade Game

The Chartist Experience 1838-1850 Hangman Game

Roman Trivia Fling the Teacher Game

Medieval Times: England 1066-1500 Penalty Shootout Game

Ancient Rome Fling the Teacher Game

The Norman Conquest Hangman Game

Child Labour Penalty Shootout Game